World of Warcraft Client Patch 2.4.2

As always, the latest patch notes can be found at the official WoW website.
Patch 2.4.2 is LIVE on Tuesday, May 13, 2008.

Principessa: So, I’m here today to talk about the latest patch details with my sisters.

Malarea, lvl 70 Warlock
Despairity, lvl 54 Mage
Hawli, lvl 45 Hunter
Rigatoni, lvl 70 Rogue

Prin: So, I’m scrolling through the latest patch notes, and it appears to me that Hunters are the hot news of the day.

Mal: Hot mess, maybe.

Hawli: 😛

Prin: Seriously, with the changes to Boar Charge, Growl, and Scare Beast, the Hunter section has more changes than any other class.

Hawli: Yah, the Scare Beast change rox my sox. I can’t wait to try it out on D’s druid.

Prin: But you don’t play with the druid – I do. He’s too high for your level. We’re questing Zangarmarsh, for the love of god.

Hawli: We’re all gonna be 70 some day, baby.

Desi: Not if some of us don’t get on a horse. Seriously, I’ve been in my 50’s for, like, a year now.

Hawli: ANYWAY, Scare Beast isn’t the only big change for us. The controversy continues with the whole “Growl / boar Charge / which AP is which” thingy. I mean, seriously, we’re now going to act like Growl scaling with MY attack power was a mistake? And it should have been Chookie’s AP all along?

Rigs: *snort* Chookielol.

Hawli: Shut up. He is a lilChookiewookie… *babytalks and scratches Scorpid’s chin* Whatever. Besides, at my level I’m not having problems with pulling aggro off of Chooks, I’m having problems with keeping enough mana to do decent dps.

Prin: Yah, well, that was last patch. This is now. Moving on – Mages.

Desi: *wakes up* Yeah?

Prin: Pay attention. I noticed this little gem in the notes: Polymorph: Mounted creatures will no longer remain mounted while polymorphed.

Desi: God.dammit.

Rigs: What?

Desi: That was FUN.

Rigs: Well, you get a new teleport / portal spell to replace it.

Desi: To Stonard, right?

Rigs: Yup. Welcome to your new role – porting lazy bastards to Kara. Hey! Does this mean you can port me and Mal?

Desi: Of course not – we’re all on the same account.

Mal: Gah, whose idea was the mage, anyway.

Desi: Hey!

Prin: OMG this is taking forever. Moving along – they’ve fixed the sound on my PW:S.

Mal: ‘Bout time. A-NNOYING.

Prin: Tell me about it. Like I want the whole zone to know I had to bubble.

Rigs: Do they take away your Shadow Priest membership card for that?

Mal: No, but they ought to.

Rigs and Mal high-five, chortling.

Prin: *glares*

Rigs: Sorry – but neither of us got anything cool.

Desi: I don’t call my changes “cool.”

Hawli: Mine would only be good if I PvP’d.

Rigs: Well, you’re gonna be PvPing, unless you want to be riding that featherduster with feet through Outlands.

Hawli: Good point.

Prin: In the tradeskills section, I notice that they’ve reduced the mats needed for Glove Reinforcements.

Rigs: Yeah. It’s still insane, though. Three Primal Earth? Bah. I mean, who the hell puts 240 armor on their gloves? Especially when you could get a Strength enchant.

Mal: Strength to Gloves? I have that.

Prin: Yah, we know. *eyeroll* Anyway, I’m guessing tanks would like extra armor.

Rigs: They might now that it’s so much cheaper. But *shrug* who knows what’s going on in their heads?

Zohara: Mailboxes can be tracked on the mini-map, now.

Mal: What the hell? Who let her in here?

Zohara: Mailboxes are an important game mechanic.

Prin: We’re talking about real issues and functions within the Game, Zoe, not just “mailing stuff.” *eyeroll*

Zohara: *frantic* But it’s ALL I’VE GOT!! Don’t you UNDERSTAND? THAT’S MY WORLD! MAIL!

Rigs: “Bank Alts Gone Wild!” *giggles*

Hawli: This is totally getting out of hand. Can you Mind Control her, or something?

Desi: I could sheep her!

Mal: Yah, the minute you see a moon pop up over her head, you go for it. Until then, relax.

Rigs: *sneaks up behing Zohara and saps her* There you go.

Prin: Thank you.

Rigs: Hey – you guys know she’s holding like 13 Primal Fires?

Mal: Yes – and they’re earmarked for me. I’ll thank you not to pick our bank alt’s pockets.

Desi: OMG – “Troll Male off-hand items are now the same size as the main hand item.” *snicker*

Mal: Is EVERYTHING a double-entendre for you?

Desi: Double what?

Rigs: She means, “dirty.”

Prin: Okay, this is getting completely off-track. There really isn’t anything else of note to talk about, so unless one of you has something important to say… Okay then, til the next patch. See you then.


2 responses to “World of Warcraft Client Patch 2.4.2

  • Cynra

    I’ll admit, as an avid roleplayer I was immensely amused by your characters’ conversation. I got a chuckle out of it, especially regarding the (lack of significant) priestly changes.I don’t usually do pieces with my characters interacting together since I tend to think of them as very separate identities, but the idea of them having a conversation like that regarding changes in the game is a nifty idea. I might just borrow that for a future post on my site…

  • T-Sonn

    Go for it! They really do tend to take on personalities of their own, don’t they?

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