Where’s the Love?

So I decided to grab an Auchenai Crypts pug this morning… Guess what kind of reaction I got?
Random Mage: So, you’re healing?
Prin: I’d rather dps, if possible. I’m Shadow.
RM: Uhh… if you’re shadow then you can’t heal.
Prin: Well, of course I CAN. I have healer gear.
RM: Maybe u don’t noez, but shadowzorz cant healz gud.
Prin: Look, I’m not a new player. This isn’t my first toon, and I have decent experience healing. Plus, I, too, have a Z key. See? ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
Random Paladin: What other toons do you have?
Prin: I have a lock & a rogue – why?
RP: How about you go get your rogue, and I’ll heal?
Prin: How about I stay right here on my priest, and you heal?
RP: Uh.
So, what’s the scoop, chicken poop? Prin brings great dps, totally reliable CC for this particular instance, nice shadow resistance for the party – hell, it’s like we were MADE for Crypts. And I love the Auchendoun instances, I’ve been looking forward to doing this on a shadow priest since Prin hit Outlands. Ah, well, just another instance I’m going to have to wheedle D into doing with me.

6 responses to “Where’s the Love?

  • Adam

    You know, I get tells on my priest whenever I’m in Shat and 90% of the time they ask if I’m shadow (usually looking for a shackle or a blue beam tanker for Kara). I’m actually surprised by how seldom I’m asked to heal. I even got asked if I was Disc yesterday…/boggleThuendermanfaithfulaffliction.wordpress.com

  • Mitch

    I have yet to PuG with my spriest so I don’t really know the typical reaction from people. Any time I do an instance it is with guildies.I am only level 63 though ;-)I know when I tanked Kara on my main I loved having a spriest for my healers. I’m guessing that the people who don’t want a spriest to dps never raided with one.

  • Asara Dragoness

    That’s bologna. We love shadow priests, I mean, hell-LO mana battery! My hubby’s lock loves them especially. Some people just don’t get it, I suppose.I also /boggle 🙂

  • Aindrelin

    I think they’re just scared that you don’t know how to play Shadow. It’s hella difficult to master, although after that it gets easier.And in PVP, it just STAYS hard.

  • Cynra

    See, this is why you should do what I did: have a priest of each spec! I’ve got my perky Holy raid-healing priestess, the cantankerous Discipline PvP-healing priestess, and my curvy goddess of funk Shadow priestess. That way, you can never miss the opportunity to have fun with a priest!Priestly adoration aside, I always find it asinine the preconceptions people have about all priests. As a 2,000 Bonus Healing priest in Tier 5 and Tier 6-equivalent gear, I’ve been turned down in a group for a shaman with barely 1,200 Bonus Healing because the group felt that my armor was too low. I found that people didn’t want a Discipline priest in a group and only took me after I put more points in the Holy tree — despite the fact that I used those points to get Surge of Light, the LolSmite ability which doesn’t improve my healing performance at all. And on my Shadow priest, I’ve been told that I can’t bring either enough damage or enough healing to do lowbie instances prior to Outland.It boggles the mind.

  • T-Sonn

    Whole lotta /boggling going on… thanks for all the input, guys!

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