GAH! As if it wasn’t hard enough…

According to blogger V’Ming Chew at WoW Insider, Shadow Priests are about to get another reason to resent our sisters, the Warlocks. Now, don’t get me wrong – I have a 70 ‘lock and I love her dearly, with great big pink fluffy hearts and balloons. But I also really, really like gear that is definitively more appropriate for one class or another. Used to be, the line on +shadow damage gear was whether or not it also featured Spirit.

Is it really a good idea to generalize cloth gear between three classes? Obviously, ‘locks will continue to have the greater need for Stamina on PvE gear, and priests and mages will prefer Intellect. But I’m really concerned that we’re going to start seeing some bitterness between the classes. Maybe all we can do is just passive-aggressively refuse to heal, or re-shackle, or whatever.


2 responses to “GAH! As if it wasn’t hard enough…

  • Tudi

    I guess it’s all about learning to play nice and know what and what not to go for. My main is a holy priest and I’m fighting holy palas, resto druids, resto shamans and other holy priests for loot, so it’s no picnic for healers either (i can imagine fury warrs, rogues and ench shams have a similar problem).

  • KF

    Except that … warlocks and shadow priests and mages… wear clothBut…holy priest … clothholy pally … plateresto druid … leatherresto shammy … mailAgain…Warrior … plateRogue … leatherShammy … mail

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