June Poll is UP!!

And so is WoW – it wasn’t, this morning. Some kind of broken path between several specific ISPs and the WoW servers, from the gossip mill at GameFAQs. Apologies for the delay – had a graduation party to attend yesterday (GRATS, LAUREN!!).


5 responses to “June Poll is UP!!

  • Trollin'

    Why in the world would anyone not say Inner Focus?Well, unless they’re Discp, and it’s therefore an on-spec talent…

  • Kurge

    I already have Inner Focus and Wand Specialization. Why the hell would I take any of the other choices…? I think MA would be my only choice, but bleh…

  • Cynra

    Inner Focus is divine, especially from the perspective of a healing priest with is geared more for Spirit than MP5 (The Human Spirit and Spirit of Redemption, num num num!). Any talent that will allow me to stay OO5SR longer is a good choice by me!Of course, this is from a raiding perspective; if I were going PvP or Arena, I’d consider Holy Nova over Inner Focus. For a mere 185 mana, you can cast a rank 1 spell that breaks stealth, breaks drinking and bandaging, and has the potential to interrupt spell casting due to damage. Absolutely wonderful and an effective use of what is normally a very unfavorable talent.

  • Tudi

    Actually, Holy Nova is GODLY. I absolutely love it, I can use it to grind with ease, boost my mates up in lower lvl instances thrice as fast and guess what…I can even do some DPS in raids. For example, on the trash before Mother Sharaz (the AOE groups) I’m usually 4th or so on the Damage Done list, solely by spamming Holy Nova. i couldn’t live without it 🙂

  • T-Sonn

    Thanks, Tudi! I’m seriously considering re-speccing Prin, just to pick up HN. It’s worth trying out, right?

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