Extended Maintenance takes the Supreme out of my Chicken Soft Taco Supreme

I raced home from my doctor’s appointment, Taco Bell take-out in hand, eager to jump into some Quel Danas dailies, or perhaps work on my neglected Consortium rep… (I simply MUST reach honored).

To my dismay, it appears that my realm will be down for at least another hour. And when Blizzard says “another hour,” they really mean, “soon.”

Ah well, an opportunity to jump over to Zangarmarsh and work on my long-neglected ICFtB toons: Mahmi and Lachenrohl. If anyone cares to join me because your main server is down, too, by all means! Chat me up. This is a good time to do it, anyway, with the upcoming event.

Visit http://www.wowinsider.com/category/it-came-from-the-blog/ for details. Hope to see some of you there!


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