June Poll Results

The ballots have been cast, and overwhelmingly, Inner Focus is the off-spec talent we go for. I’m totally with you, I have it myself. Wand Specialization and Mental Agility tied for second place with 5 votes each. Now I’m confused…

You’re using your wand? Are you still leveling?


5 responses to “June Poll Results

  • Merlot

    Well, you have to spend your ten points to get inner focus somewhere. Don’t tell me you’ve got mental agility?!

  • Spleen

    I still use my wand when farming, etc.

  • Trollin'

    5 in Reduced Fear/Stun.2 in Imp Fort2 in Proc’d Uninterruptable Casting1 in Imp Shield3 in Meditation1 in Inner Focus=P

  • Cynra

    I’ll mostly agree with Trollin’ — again!5/5 Unbreakable Will2/2 Improved Power Word: Fortitude3/3 Improved Power Word: Shield1/1 Inner Focus3/3 MeditationAs a Shadow priest, that gives you the talents that allow you to benefit from Spirit-based mana regeneration, the ability to cast a spell without entering the 5SR, increases resistance to fear and stuns, and increased survivability.The one area I disagree with is in Martyrdom. Unless you’re looking to improve soloing or plan on hitting the Arena/Battlegrounds, there is little benefit to snagging this talent. Most of the damage you take is incidental splash damage and not the produce of melee or ranged damage — and it’s even less likely that it’ll be critical damage. However, the Improved Power Word: Shield increases survivability in both soloing and raiding and is one of the important ways that a Shadow priest can help “heal” (alongside Vampiric Embrace) if you can consider preventing damage a preemptive form of healing.With the changes in 2.4 to a Spirit-based mana regeneration, I find that I wand rarely and I tend to design builds more around raiding viability than being able to farm (frighteningly enough, I tend to farm more on my Holy priest who has high survivability than my hunter and tends to cost less to maintain).Too bad Silent Resolve no longer applies to Shadow damage; they changed that many many patches ago and I remember the uproar when many people who play Shadow more than I feared that it was the end of Shadow priest raiding. That was the talent to pick up at the time to get to the third tier.Merlot: Mental Agility is a fourth tier talent, whereas Inner Focus is third tier. You’d most likely pick up Inner Focus to then get Mental Agility. Not many Shadow priests do, mind you, because it cuts into some valuable talents in the Shadow tree, but it does make a bit of sense to snag when you consider the continual application of Shadow Word: Pain and Shadow Word: Death. I’m not sure if mana is such an issue that it warrants snagging that talent; it seems to favor Holy and Discipline more since they heal and dispel far more frequently.

  • T-Sonn

    My disc talents are just as Cynra posted. I think Merlot was joking about Mental Agility. : )

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