/Sigh No Excuse!!

So, today’s Crocolisk Day in Azeroth. The daily fishing quest that has a chance to reward you with your own Chuck, Snarly, Muckbreath, or Toothy. That means that each of my 70’s is going to have to log in and do the fishing daily. Malarea reeled in the quest item on the 2nd cast, but received only Fishhooks and gold as a reward. Principessa spent a few more minutes trying, but that’s okay since she really needs to level fishing. Unfortunately, she was logged out in Orgrimmar last night, so it’ll be an hour before she can hearth back and turn it in.

Then Rigatoni came on, and began to fly out to Old Man Barlo to pick up the quest. The following chat message caught her eye, since she’s always up for making a quick coin with her rogueishness. Just to get an idea of what she was dealing with, she shift-clicked the player to discover…

Wait a minute – that’s a rogue. Why the hell does a rogue need another rogue to pick the locks on her boxes? I’m stunned.

I go ahead and whisper her that I’m in Shatt, and happy to help her out. She responds that she’s in the UC putting up some auctions, but she’ll pst me when she gets back to Shatt. I have time to port to Org, catch my crocolisk, hearth back and turn it in (only gold and fishhooks again) and I’m just settling down to wait when she whispers me, “nvm, i got a guildie to do it for me – thx for the offer, tho! : )”

I’m almost livid enough to NOT white-out her name in the above screenshot.

Here’s what I can’t decide – which is more d-bagish? A) A non-lockpicking level 70 Rogue, or B) People who ask for help in /Trade, offer tips for the service, ask you to wait for them, and then ultimately go another route after they’ve taken you up on your offer? It’s breach of verbal contract, in my book, and if this were RL, lady, I’d totally sue.

And I’d ask to be compensated for my pain and suffering.


4 responses to “/Sigh No Excuse!!

  • Justin

    There’s no such thing as a “verbal contract” (or, if there is, it is synonymous with “worthless”). To insist otherwise is to invite people to inconvenience you.

  • T-Sonn

    Actually, since this all happened in /Trade and in whispers, it was technically a written contract. However, verbal and implied contracts are a part of trade law. On the other hand, this references a remark I made that was totally intended as tongue-in-cheek, and not to be taken seriously. I ABHOR our sue-happy, non-responsibility-taking society. I do agree that in WoW, especially, no good deed goes unpunished.

  • Kinzlayer

    Yush, most people in WoW have no respect for other people’s time but then again it’s a game so I fumed up for a bit and then go fishing.

  • pugnaciouspriest

    As an enchanter we hear all sorts of complaints as to why we don’t respond to trade requests for things to be done, be it with or without a tip ( asking for a tip is cause for more complaint too.. ) but I don’t answer trade requests for enchants, I usually have trade turned off because of all the spam. Going out of your way to help a ‘stranger’ who often doesn’t have the right mats, or isn’t ready – is a pain that I can choose not to have.. , and while lockboxes don’t need ‘mats’ you are still going out of way often for little reward..

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