Alt-ernative Lifestyles… I Has Them

Lots of them, actually. Mostly Horde, as previously confessed, but I’m growing a stable of Alliance toons on a different server.

Draece is my Hunter. She was the first to see all of the Draenei starting area. Colbi, the Nelf Druid, was actually created years ago when D and I were first hanging out. She was there to stalk him -I mean, chat with him – while he played with his other friends.

Tytchen is a Human Rogue, and oddly under-whelming compared to her Belf sister Rigatoni. Of course that may just be because it’s been so long since I didn’t have poisons on my swords.

And finally, starting yesterday, I have a little baby Shaman: Emnyte. Everything I’m reading is telling me to go Enhancement, and I’m cool with that, but I’d LOVE to have any and all play-style tips, sneaky Shammy secrets, advice for dealing with multi-pulls, etc. Bring ’em on!


3 responses to “Alt-ernative Lifestyles… I Has Them

  • Otta

    You’ve made a good choice- The only thing I’ve experienced as painful as levelling a resto shaman was levelling a priest in Holy :PI guess I’ll hit equipment and stat choices. The “For Dummies” version of the three shammy talent trees roughly translate to “casting shaman, melee shaman, and healing shaman.” This is slightly misleading, however, ESPECIALLY at lower levels. Although enhancement is the most melee-centric of the talent trees, don’t forget that the beauty of the shaman comes from its true versatility. On top of “buff” and “cleansing” totems, shaman can deal damage in four ways simultaneously- melee weapon damage, cast-spell damage (shocks and lightning,) lightning shield periodic damage, and fire totems. Note that three of these four damage sources are going to rely on your mana pool. In tough fights you very well may call repeatedly on all of these, as well as needing to throw yourself (or a party member) a heal now and then. So I would resist the temptation to think of enhancement as directly equal to “melee shaman” and loading up on attack power, st and agil- at least for a few decades. Make sure you have a decent amount of int and stam as you work your way down the talent tree and into higher level abilities and armor.True, you will eventually maximize your Enhancement powah by raising the more melee-focused stats. But start out with enough mana in the bucket so that you can get a feel for the full scope of the shaman abilities and playstyle. A “melee shaman” who isn’t peppering her enemies with shocks and keeping her lightning shield refreshed might as well be playing a feral druid or a rogue, rather than the glorious “jack of all trades.” Hope you enjoy!

  • Bremere

    I have the same exact problem as you do, I create too many alts. I’ve maxed out on alliance characters, and I’m fairly sure I would’ve hit 70 by now, had I focused on one character, instead I have one 40, two 30’s, two 20’s, and 4 teens.

  • T-Sonn

    I’m sure one of these toons will present herself as the “fave” and run ahead of the others. Right now, I’m betting either the hunter or the shaman. But we’ll see. : )

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