Free WotLK Respec and Other Goodies

DAY ONE: It appears that talents have undergone an overhaul in the Beta – so – each of my demo toons logged in completely untalented again. What an awesome chance to play with different specs, right?

Hawli Hunter played with tamed and releasing several different pets this morning just to see what kind of new skills and abilities were available to them. Our crocolisk, Giggles, has an ability called “Bad Attitude,” it appears to be an AoE-tanking ability. Too cool for school, huh? The duskbat, Detroit, had a “Sonic Boom” kinda stun. Chaos, the dragonhawk, breathed fire. Finally, she dropped by the barber shop in UC for a new ‘do.

Next I jumped on Tehrawreyes, our shiny new Death Knight. Tehr had been leveling as Unholy and having an absolute BALL blowing up corpses and summoning Ghouls to do her dark bidding. Today she respecced to full Blood, and hopefully we’ll get to see how that works pretty soon. It appears to be more of party-dps spec, although it does have some self-healing abilities. And without even having to go to group therapy!

After respeccing I zep’d her to Northrend in order to pick up the Herbalism and Inscription professions. She’s now on a quest for mass quantities of Peacebloom and Silverleaf. I predict that upon the expansion release you won’t be able to swing a cat in Tirisfal Glades without smacking 18 Death Knights farming Peacebloom. I have now officially grown weary of my Deathcharger’s pained, screeching whinny from all the herb-farming. Don’t worry, though – I took it out on a random level 7 undead mob, and I’m feeling much better now.

Next I’ll be going to Malarea. First on her list: turning herself into a demon! Yes, D has long suspected it, and now it’s true – I am at heart, evil. She’s also going to be making the long trek to find Dalaran, lovely purple-domed city that was, for some uber-fun exploration.

DAY TWO: Well – the server was crashing every 30 seconds, but I did manage to set her hearthstone, find the Inscription supplier, and discover the city portals before logging.


2 responses to “Free WotLK Respec and Other Goodies

  • otta

    Ahhh… so they are giving us the ability to change our appearance…Now, if they only could include the thing that the game has REALLY needed since day one- some flexibility in ARMOR COLORATION.I realize that an unlimited “color-your-own-armor” system might be too taxing on the program resources, and also that (let’s face it…) many people would make themselves far more hideous than the worst combinations Blizzard has already saddled us with. But why not have a shop next to the tailoring supplier where you could pay to choose between, say, three or four possible different shades or color base options for a number of different pieces/ sets? You could take those legs with the incredible upgrade stats and tone down the embarrassing garish harlequin color of them, make it match your other pieces a bit better.. . . .*Otta wanders off, wondering whether he has his priorities straight..

  • T-Sonn

    Yes! You can do it Guild Wars by applying a colored dye to your armor, much like an enchantment. No reason we shouldn’t be able to do it in WoW.

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