Why Stereotypes Exist: The Huntard

I just had a horrific Slave Pens pug attempt. I say “attempt” because we only got to the first boss. The newest addition to my ignore list is a Hunter I’ll call, um, “Reilys.”

  • Moaned, “NOOOO” as soon as my hunter, Hawli, joined the party. The other party members asked him what was up, and he said, (sic) “there not the only 1s want there epix.” I said, “it’s regular SP, where’s the epics?”
  • Then he agreed to remain in the group so long as he “gets the c-bow its all i want from here.” I smiled, and gently reminded him that I would be rolling on hunter loot, as well.
  • Walked into the instance with pet on Aggressive from recent PvP play. Said pet aggroed the first group while we were discussing marks.
  • As soon as he heard “marks” being mentioned, he announced, “im not trapping.”
  • We finally killed the first boss after our good friend Reilys backed in to another group, and the Vest of Living Lightning dropped.
  • Everyone passed, since we had 2 hunters, warrior, rogue, and a druid (healing). Everyone, that is, except Reilys.
  • We insisted that he pass for disenchanting – and he greeded it, claiming that his current epic chest gear was not “socketed or restoers (sic) mana.”

I completely flipped out on him, the rogue and I both called for his immediate /kick, but the warrior logged instead. Giving group-leader status to moi. I polished up the ol’ boot and SHA-BAM! Out he went. Then we disbanded and all hearthed out, greatly aggrieved and disheartened. Or maybe that was just me.

It just makes me insane the way some players create a class reputation that the rest of us are forced to combat. So, here’s to you, Mr. Moron Hunter in Shaman gear. You’ve earned it.


2 responses to “Why Stereotypes Exist: The Huntard

  • Kinzlayer

    Sadly, I think the summer crowd does suck hard. I’m sorry if I generalize a bit but as the pool of players increase the pool of MORONs increases as well.

  • Seidhkona

    I’ve had bad luck with hunters in PUGs lately as well, and it has been hard because my best friend’s main is a great hunter — so I’ve been spoiled. I’ve actually been fortunate to have some decent PUGs recently as well, but I cringe every time I see a hunter join my group, just because for every great hunter there are 10 huntards running around.

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