Morale? Is That Some Kind of Mushroom?

So – Wrath is on the way. Progression is slowing down, guilds are having a hard time recruiting (or just keeping raiders, in some cases) – what’s a GM to do about morale?

How about “game within a game?” It’s worked for so many pre-school teachers, right?

~~ Bring in the Clowns: Have your guild tailor make up some crazy outfits. The Haliscan Pantaloons and jacket, for instance. Or perhaps Green Winter Clothes. Set a time for everyone to log in on their alts and pass them out. Once everyone is dressed up – go raid Ironforge!

~~ Wowpperware Party: (to outfit lowbies) Pass out Hot Cider and Delicious Chocolate Cake. Have your guild crafters take orders for gear from guildies – make sure to offer with- and without-mats prices. (“With” should probably be free, these ARE your guildies, after all.)

~~ Broke as a Joke: Invade a new server. Challenge your guildies to achieve certain goals within so many days of play; i.e. the most money, the highest crafting level, a flight path at the furthest point from his / her starting zone, etc.

~~ Big Brothers / Big Sisters of Azeroth: Have each player adopt a lowbie for a day. Instance runs, help with group quests, providing mats for his / her crafting profession, etc. Load up on some ale and take your lowbie fishing for the evening.

Silly? Cheesy? Of course – that’s why it’s fun!


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