New and Improved Felhunter – now with more face-munching!

So I noticed this article on WoW Insider last night. The puppy has long been one of Sister Malarea’s favorite minions; I actually like him more than anyone but the Felguard! Mal leveled as Affliction and I always said I’d never spec any other way… until the Beta came along, and I decided to try out Metamorphasis. I had so much fun with the Felguard that I respecced Mal on the live servers to Demonology, as well.

Since then, I’ve enjoyed the superior tanking, and increased dps… but I’m growing bored with tossing out Shadowbolt after Shadowbolt and ignoring all my dots. I’m also missing instant-cast Corruption.

The intended synergy between the new & improved Felhunter and a deep Affliction spec is tantalizing… as I type this, I’m waiting on the newest Beta patch to install so that I can re-spec Mal back to her Affliction roots. Oh – and since Hawli has dinged 70, I’m deleting her off the test realm and attempting to re-copy her over. BRK has got me itching to try some of the new exotic pets.


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