Lock in Plate

I love my Shadow Priest, I really do. Of course, I also love my Warlock – she was the first of all my toons to hit 60, and then 70, and as we speak she’s only 3 1/2 bubbles from the magic level 80. Prin is a ‘Lock who can heal herself; Mal is a SPriest with a minion. What synergy, what convergence of power distributed between two distinct personalities! But something was missing…

A delicious little Undead, exuding Shadow Magic with every step… she should be able to have her own minion, she should be able to heal herself and her minion, have her own unique summonable mount, and – yes… yes. She should be in PLATE.

Welcome, Tehrawreyes. Welcome. The birth of my dream, realized. Now go whack some stuff in the head with that club.


One response to “Lock in Plate

  • Ho Ho

    I dualboxed my shadowpriest and demo lock while leveling 70->75. It was awesome to have shadowpriest with felguard :)DK's seem to be quite interesting too, too bad mine is just L59 atm.

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