Some Enchanted Evening

Enchanting is a PITA profession. We’ve all known that since the beginning. Now of course, we HAVE seen several improvements over the various expansions and patches. No longer must we trek into Uldaman, arguably the worst instance evar, just to level past 225. Inscription, with its Weapon and Armor Vellums, solved the biggest problem for Enchanter mains with alts who didn’t want to have to transfer the ‘Chanter off to his or her own account. Patch 3.0.8 reduced some of the mats needed for +375 recipes.

One HUGE issue remains: we still can’t disenchant equipment for alts or other players. I understand the motivation to give each profession something cool that only the practitioner can benefit from, but we already have that with ring enchants. If you’re reasonably healthy and sane, try hanging out in the /Trade channel for an hour or so.* I challenge you to SS an enchanter hawking their trade with “mats included.” It doesn’t happen – we’re already asking you to BYOM.

Fimlys of TNB had a good suggestion on their most recent podcast – why not create a Scroll of Disenchanting recipe for Scribes? This would put even more mats into the “economy,” lowering costs and making those “leveling enchants” good for something other than just – leveling enchanting. Think about it – most non-enchanters don’t bother buffing up their gear before they hit the level cap, and then they’re going for the absolute piece enchant available for each piece.

Of course, one could conceivable go through an amazing number of D-E’ing Vellums… and disenchanting using the “will not be traded” portion of the “trade” window doesn’t accommodate the enchanting players’ alts. Perhaps a multiple-use ‘bot that engineers could create? More synergy between the various professions is a good thing, in my opinion. There it is – an awesome idea that I’d really love to see make it into the game. Preferably in my lifetime.

*Please do not hang out in /Trade if you are taking medication for high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, loss of faith in humanity, or Flintstones Chewable Vitamins. This blogger is not a physician or psychiatrist and is purely not qualified to offer medical, or any other form, of advice. Here’s your grain of salt.**
**Due to recent economic conditions, you may be asked to share your grain of salt. We’re kind of on a budget, here.***
***By the way, are you going to eat that?

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