3.1 Balance Beam Event – Stick the Landing!

Good morning, loyal readers. Principessa here, bringing you news of buffs & talent overhauls for all the classes we care about. Of course, we care about Priests, and Shadow Priests specifically, most of all. But while I majored in Shadow, I definitely minored in Discipline, and that, my friends, is why I’m so excited!

By all accounts, Patch 3.1 is forthcoming and this looks to be the big post-expansion-class-balancing fix. I mean, have you SEEN some of the reported changes we have to look forward to? The making of Divine Spirit a base Priest spell… that alone is making me lick my lips in quivery anticipation.

Malarea: Yeah, how about that Warrior change?
Prin: Ummm… that affects me, how?
Mal: You didn’t hear? They’ll generate rage from absorbed damage.
Prin: None of us are warriors, dear.
Mal: No – but you occasionally heal one, and with the change it will be purely okay to PW:S the tank pre-pull.
Prin: pshh. Healing. As IF.
Mal: Maybe you should look into it. Especially since I’m getting a +crit buff AND a Replenishment ability.
Prin: No way – that puts BOTH me & Despairity on the sideline!
Tehrawreyes: What about me? Will I get the Warrior fix, too?
Mal: You don’t have Rage, Tehr.
Tehr: Sure, I do. Look, I’m pissed right now!
Prin: That’s not Rage, it’s Runic Power.
Tehr: Well, isn’t that kinda like the same thing?
Mal: No one really knows for sure. It’s a mystery, rather like the lack of Undead children.
Prin: I tend to think, NO – the RP bar is far too soothing a color to be really angry. Just more like – creative mischief.
Despairity: So there’s a balancing patch coming? What am I getting?
Mal: A new icon, probably. Look – it’s such a pretty pink color, now.
Des: That’s not my icon – that’s your Shadowflame!
Mal: Yeah… (eyes glazed over) …such a pretty pink color.
Hawli: I’m not going to have to carry ammo, anymore. There’s that.
Mal: Oh, great, like YOU really needed that. You can carry around crates that have 4 stacks each – I’m still dragging around a 28-slot Soul Shard bag!
Hawli: (smirks) I also get to name my pets.
Mal: My minions are summoned DEMONS. They are not PETS. They are not cuddly, or cute, or even especially loyal. And anyway – why are YOU out here? I thought you got benched.
Hawli: (sadly) Yeah… *wanders off*
Prin: HA! I found something – Shadowform reduces incoming magic damage and Dispersion will remove snares.
Mal: Uh huh… that sounds like PvP-related stuff. I mean seriously – how often are you snared?
Prin: That’s kind of a personal question, isn’t it?
Tehr: Hey! Just saw here that Gargoyle is going to be the 51 point Unholy talent, and Unholy Blight will be much less further down the tree. I never use the stupid Gargoyle, so I can free up some of that for the Blood tree!
Mal: Orly? What do you want in the Blood tree?
Tehr: Duh… BLOOD. Seriously? Improved Rune Tap, baby… then I don’t even NEED a healer!

Prin: …

Prin: You guys suck.


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