I have fallen behind

but I promise, I'll be catching up soon.  Got a lot to follow up on, here, so I'm making myself a little reminder list.
 – Check with fellow GM re: guild alliance and 10-man Naxx runs
 – Post something about recent achievements
 – Catch the guild site up with recent news on dungeons
 – Work on the Baby Warlock article; post here / guild site
In-game goals:
 – Mal needs only 2 more dungeons for the Wispcloak recipe:  go go go!
 – Tehrawr needs to move on to questing in Zul Drak for the Ebon Blade
 – Take D's shammy to Grizzly Hills for the PvP quests
 – Take D's priest up to Storm Peaks to start on the Hodir chain
 – Continue dailies and heroics for Mal; 15 more Emblems until her belt, 12k more Wyrmrest rep til the Red Drake mount!

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