Call You Out

When is it appropriate to call out another player for his or her

  • abysmal rotation / sequence?
  • lack of focus or attention to the task at hand?
  • unorthodox use of the Need / Greed system?
  • incomprehensible talent spec?
  • odd choice in stat priority or gear?
  • treatment of the other players in the group or guild?

Is it when you first notice it, or only after it’s had some time to work your nerves like a cheese grater? How about when it affects your own gaming experience? Are you motivated by a sincere desire to expand that player’s knowledge, or only by the urge to feel superior for a moment or two?

I ran a heroic VH on my ‘lock the other day and posted completely respectable numbers on Recount. The other warlock in group… well, let’s just say that she had me a bit confused. Stacked intellect, a weird spec, (I believe she may have been choosing talent point placement via the ‘tail on the donkey’ method) and with just under half of the dps output I was boasting, I wasn’t even sure exactly where to start. “Re-roll,” may have been the quickest bit of advice I could offer.

I said nothing. I didn’t comment on any of the major issues I noticed, such as how she was specced for Chaos Bolt but never used it. I didn’t ask why she was so fond of her Drain Mana spell or question her choice of footgear. I just distributed the shards at the end of the run, thanked everyone in attendance for the group, and set off in search of mats to enchant my new bracers.

**I just armory’ed this player and noticed that she has since earned the “Bloodsail” title. She logged out in full pirate gear, including the hat, a sword of the Whale, and this. So at least we know she has a sense of humor.


3 responses to “Call You Out

  • Fulguralis

    I know what you’re talking about and have had to dance this dance numerous times. The bad part is that there is no easy answer as it completely depends on the person in question. Some people take well to the advice. Others are playing “their” game and don’t want to be critiqued (plus have never heard of a damage meter for self-improvement).

  • Seleria

    (I just stumbled across your blog through links on another blog… was just looking to see what class the blog was all about and got a little pulled in by a common theme in my WoW-life lately–the whole people-not-having-a-clue thing)I’ve found, though, that if I’m putting together a pug or something and am armorying people first, if I notice something up and mention deficiencies in a nice way, people are pretty receptive. But if we just had a painful heroic run and I realize that the resto druid in our group cast lifebloom exactly ZERO times (true story), that they tend not to be receptive to any form of criticism.I found a prot pally who has a rather “meh” spec. Essentially it wasn’t terrible, but it was far from ideal. So I pointed it out, gave him a player I knew had a decent spec to look up, and generally had a good conversation with the guy.Good things can come from being the nub police!

  • Syrana

    I’m trying to figure out how to handle a similar situation. On the one hand, you don’t want to be “that jerk” but on the other hand you don’t want them to continue to be “that noob.” šŸ˜¦

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