Malarea, the Noble

No, not NOBLE. More like, noble.

Probably the easiest set of holiday achievements, ever. Not that I’m really complaining, or anything, but – wow. No special boss = disappointing; none of the achievements necessary for Long Strange Trip based on RNG = relieving.

The best achievement, in my opinion, is Hard Boiled. Now THAT was actually fun! There were a variety of ways to accomplish this. Mal chose to hearth to Dalaran, port to Caverns of Time, and then hop across Tanaris and lower Un’Goro.

I managed to keep my bunny costume all the way there, and on the first try, too! Go, me.

In other news, Zohara jumped on the bandwagon and took one for the team. As one of the few female trolls on our new server, she made herself available to those looking for the Bunny-Maker achievement.

What? Why should Night Elves get all the best tips?


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