Warlock in Arathi Basin: A love story

While on the mission for my Red Dragonhawk, I noticed someone else’s Black War Raptor. Hawt, no? Yeah, I’m rather in love with it. So I checked it out and realized that I’m already on the way to having that bad boy, since I have a few Alterac Valley, Arathi Basin, and Warsong Gulch Marks of Honor.

So, off I go to Arathi Basin. Long-term readers of this blog will already know that I don’t PvP often, and when I do, I don’t do it well. It’s just not a good fit for me, not the least because I’m a horrible sport. When I do manage to vanquish my foe, I’m often dead myself shortly thereafter. This is because I was jumping up and down, pointing at my screen and yelling, “Eat that, bitch!” at the top of my lungs, and someone else came along and just destroyed me. I judge the skill of others by how long it takes them to kill me, and actually the pity the poor souls who simply cannot.

What does a ‘lock like me do while in the battlegrounds, you might ask. Well, I’ll tell you.

  • Run into a group fighting on the road and use my instant Howl.
  • Sneak up behind an Alli healer and Deathcoil, then chain-Fear until someone notices me.
  • Find a Priest, and wait for him to wind up a heal. Then I Spell Lock him.
  • After Spell Locking, I start eating buffs off of him.
  • Sneak up behind another group and start tossing Seeds into the crowd. The resultant explosions make me cry purply tears of evil joy.
  • Talk D into being my own pocket healer, and then make his job as hard as possible by insisting on behavior as per the above.
  • Make D homemade waffles to make up for all the stress I’ve caused him. As a life-long healer, he really takes it personally when he loses any group member and that’s especially difficult for him when the lost member is his dear wife. It’s a very special kind of love, y’all.

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