Nice digs, eh?

So, I really wanted to move this blog over here to WordPress. All of my other blogs are here, and it made sense, and I’ve gotten used to idiosyncracies of WordPress. But – I forgot about how the free version doesn’t allow script, CSS changes, and the like, and I can’t have Wowhead tooltips here.  /sigh/

So, how’s everybody been? It’s been crazy here, just getting back into WoW since the early spring and starting to get really ramped up for Cataclysm. Maybe we should start with the cast of characters, for those of you how aren’t familiar?

MALAREA – Lvl 80 Undead Warlock, Destruction

Mal has been with me since almost the beginning. She has been my main for more than 4 years now, and although she’s always been partial to Affliction, she’s recently developed a taste for the fire. Mal does Enchanting and Tailoring.

TEHRAWREYES – Lvl 80 Undead Death Knight, Unholy

Tehrri was the second toon to 80. I loved the DK so much when WotLK first released, it was like dressing Mal in plate. Now that Unholy appears to be relegated to PvP, she’s seriously considering going Frost for dps. I tried tanking with her, but got discouraged when all the other 80s outgeared me and refused to let me play their reindeer games in heroics. /sniffle/ Tehrri likes to pick flowers and grind them up into gooey, dripping, organ-resembling– I mean, Herbalism and Inscription.

AHIMDYLAW – Lvl 72 Blood Elf Paladin, Prot

It is SO unlike me to try a pally, and then to actually like it. ‘Law is an amazing tank, I like tanking on her ever so much better than on Tehr. She struggles really hard with staying on the “light” side of things, especially with most of her sisters always trying to drag her over to the dark and shadowy side. ‘Law does Mining and Blacksmithing.

ANNASTEEZIA – Lvl 72 Blood Elf Priest, Shadow / Discipline

Anna, the Priest formerly known as Prin, was the inspiration for the original Melted Faces blog. Anna really enjoys being a Shadow Priest, but she has a Disc off-spec for those times when she needs to be the healer. She does, however, have this annoying tendency to get distracted and let her Rogue die (Sorry, Wolf!!)

DESPAIRITY – Lvl 71 Undead Mage, Frost

Desi was the first toon I ever made on WoW, way back in mid-2006. I abandoned her without mercy for the Warlock, and although it pains me to admit it, that was definitely the right choice for me at the time. Playing a Mage was ever so much harder for a Newb back then, especially since I handicapped Desi so much. I dressed her in equal Stam, Int, and Spirit, I specced her Fire to level, (I KNOW, right?) and I spent equal amounts of play time either dead or drinking. Not fun. Her tagline became “You can’t do that while you’re dead.” Now, however, I’ve done the research, learned how to dress her so the other Mages don’t make fun of her, and became an expert at the AoE Frost Grind. Of  course, that’s gone now, but we’re still learning ways in 4.0.1 to keep the mobs at arms-length until they die horrible icy deaths. Good times. Desi is the team Alchemist.

HAWLI – Lvl 71 Blood Elf Hunter, Beast Mastery

Hawli is a tomboy. She loves building bombs, hanging out with her menagerie of pets, (Nightshade, Vanilla the Gorilla, Detroit, the red-winged bat) and running/jumping/climbing trees. She knows she looks goofy in her goggles, but she doesn’t care. I’ve never been a really good Hunter so she hasn’t gotten much playtime after dinging 70

RIGATONI – Lvl 70Blood Elf Rogue, Unspecced

I fell in love with the Rogue, and she was actually the second toon to reach 70. I’ve just been so busy with all the other toons that I never got back to her. Also, I kinda suck at melee characters. Unless I’m tanking, and the Rogue doesn’t tank. Or at least, she shouldn’t. Rigs skins and does Leatherworking.


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