Onward, ever onward

Ahimdylaw dinged 75 last night. For a little pally who has leveled mainly through the dungeon-finder system, she’s certainly having a ball questing in Grizzly Hills. This one of my favorite questing zones of Northrend, and only the second time I’ve been through it. The boost in XP gains implemented since Wrath released has made it possible to level several 80s and still have some variety in zones. For instance, Tehr, the 80 DK, hasn’t touched Borean Tundra, and never did anything in Sholazar Basin except herb.

I’d forgotten about the Worgen present in Grizzly Hills and how much fun it was to discover and work my way through that particular quest line. With each subsequent expansion, some portion of the game gets tossed aside, leveled past, and ignored, and I’d hate to think that this is going the way of Thrall’s greatmother in Nagrand.

The Hunter and Rogue are both still languishing at 70, and while Hawli’s engineering profession is a blast, I’m having a hard time getting excited about leveling either of them. Instead, I feel more drawn to either the Mage or the Priest as the next to receive some leveling love. Knowing that I’m going to be starting a new Worgen in a few short weeks makes me less than excited about leveling the Shaman out of her 20s, even though she’s now a total beast with dual wield and Lava Lash at her fingertips.

So, help me out – where do I go once ‘Law dings that fabled 80?


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