Warlock Pet Changes in Patch 4.0: The Imp

or, “Good heavens, Margaret, I seem to be a Warlock!”

Going back through existing posts here, I realized that my Managing Your Minions series is now in dire need of editing. If this keeps up, we’ll have Imps tanking, Voids dpsing, and level 10 Felguards running aro–

Wait, that’s already happening. Oy.

Okay, so today I’ll be logging in to Mal, Warlock extraordinaire, and reassigning roles to her minions. I’m ever so grateful that the original gang is back in action. I was just totally not getting along with that little scamp who showed up in Gaknam’s place after 4.0 first hit.


So, this little guy now comes included with the standard Warlock model, arriving right by your side at level 1 as your newly created ‘Lock awakens. I started a new Undead just to demonstrate.  Pakgol shows up right beside me, ready for action. Note that you can’t control him yet, and you’ll just kind of have to deal with whatever the little guy gets himself into. Let’s step outside the crypt and see how he operates, shall we?

As soon as my Shadowbolt lands on a target, Pak begins casting his own Firebolt. His damage is about half of my own, so that’s a nice little addition. Half an hour into this little experiment and Pak and I are both level 5, and on our way to Undercity. He has apparently learned Blood Pact at some point and feels warmly enough toward me that he’s keeping it active. He’s still not letting me push him around, though, and there is no pet bar as yet.

Now let’s flash forward to the existing level 80 Warlock: the Imp has a couple of new abilities.

  • Move To: The first thought I had about this new Minion ability concerned the Maiden fight in Kara, remember that one? If not, I parked my Felhunter near the tank in order to Devour Magic from him when he got stunned. What you had to do was walk out there yourself and then make the ‘hound “Stay.” I like Move To much better than Stay.
  • Avoidance (Passive): Phase Shift is gone, replaced by this. Nothing to do about it, just a comment.
  • Flee: Pulls your Minion back to you. The Imp isn’t likely to need removal from snares, but he does sometimes have a tendency to get out there in the thick of things.
  • Singe Magic: This is the real change to the Imp. You remember that Felhunter ability I talked about above? Well, he now only has half of it, in that he can Devour buffs off of enemies. Your Imp gains responsibility for keeping yucky stuff off of you and your friends.

I think that calls for a macro, what you do think?


/cast [button:2,target=player] Singe Magic; Singe Magic

There – that’s simple enough. Right-click on it and your Imp will Singe whatever harmful magic is on you. Left-click it and he’ll Singe your target.

We’ll take a look at the Voidwalker next.


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