One thing leads to another

It all started when Ahimdylaw dinged 80.

The guildies were wanting to try some more challenging content on their fresh 80s, namely the three ICC 5-mans. We completed them all – didn’t even have any deaths on HoR – but died FAR too many times trying to run the tunnel gauntlet at the end of PoS.

SO–I got up this morning and started working on her gear. She only had a score of about 2700, so I crafted her two lvl 200 epics from Blacksmithing and then logged onto Mal for some enchants. That taken care of, I went back to ‘Law to look at badge gear.

Lo and behold, I had enough JP for this:

Which, you might have noticed, has a red gem socket.

So I logged onto Anna to see what she could make. Quick review of WowHead showed that she’d want one of the Opals, since I’m not sure I want to invest the money in an epic Dreadstone. Problem is, what I really wanted was either the Etched or the Accurate. Okay, let’s see…

  • The Etched design is a high-level drop, and horrendously expensive in the AH.
  • The Accurate only drops off of mammoths in Storm Peaks and Sholazar.
  • Anna is only level 72. 😦

So then I checked out the Nimble, a green cut. Purchasable from the trainer in Dalaran! Score! Anna has only one Token to spend! Denied!

What do I do now? Well, I can do the JC daily on her for one more token, but that still leaves me one short. Titanium Powder turn-ins? OMG so freaking expensive.

Looks like I’m leveling Anna next.

/4 Lvl 72 Shadow or Disc Priest, will probably let you die for XP! PST



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