Warlock Pet Changes in Patch 4.0 – the Voidwalker

Welcome back, darlings. The baby ‘Lock I created for this experiment, Preshyus, has arrived at her tenth season. Because I’m extremely curious to see how game-breaking awesome a starting-zone Felguard can be, I have specced Demonology. Of course, all I can really do at level 10 is to just click the word, “Demonology,” on the talent panel, but hey – free Felguard!

Turns out his name is Klekferil. He’s pretty much a beast.

But this post is supposed to be about the minion that ALL Warlocks get access to, beginning now at level 8. The ability to control him will not be conferred until level 10, so now that we’re there, let’s take a look at what our Void, Belgron, can do.

Your pocket tanking machine is only going to learn four abilities in his entire lifespan, at least, as far as we know right now. Once you can control him, you’ll see that you have a nifty little spell called Torment. Where this used to be a single-target taunt, it’s now a high-threat damaging ability. Once you hit level 16, he will learn Suffering. That used to be an AoE taunt, but it now taunts only one target. Because the Felguard does have AoE abilities, I think you’re going to be seeing almost unilaterally Demo ‘Locks in the leveling process, all of whom are sporting the Felguard when soloing.

Your Void’s other two abilities are Sacrifice at level 28, and Consume Shadows, which doesn’t happen until level 56. What? Level 56? What mid-50s Warlock is running around with a Void for Pete’s sake? /SIGH/ Anyway, the Sacrifice hasn’t changed since we last spoke of it. It still gives you a little bubble at the expense of some of his health. When is that useful? Well, pop it when you see you’re in trouble and use the breathing room to whip out your Felguard and start him AoE’ing.

Consume Shadows is probably meant to be your anti-Rogue, but good lord, could we have put it on a less useful minion? /Shakes head/ The Void can heal and recoup some mana while giving you and your friends stealth-detection. I’m really unimpressed with this, and honestly, the only reason I can think of for even summoning a Voidwalker is for the soloing of elite mobs. That still works, at least, so long as you only use one or two DoTs at a time and keep that Health Funnel going.

Next time we’re going to talk about the Succubus, and see what our resident dominatrix has in store for us.


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