Halls of Origination

I haven’t been playing much WoW lately–okay, scratch that. I haven’t been playing WoW at ALL lately. Instead, what little gaming time I’ve had has been committed to either console games or Rift: Planes of Telara. I’m having a blast at both, by the way.

Anyway, we’re talking about WoW, right? Yeah. I DID have a chance to dungeon the other day, and this is what resulted:

I totally LOVE the Egyptian-themed lore and design of this dungeon. In fact, in all of Uldum! Have you had any trouble with these bosses? How did you handle it?


One response to “Halls of Origination

  • LE Bean

    Ok, this post is from 3 months ago, but I wasn’t playing WoW then, and I am now, so in case you still care:
    We call that instance Halls of Long, because, come on! 7 Bosses! Oh, it’s like a rep field day, and now that I’m trying to get actual upgrades for my gear, it shouldn’t be surprising that the 4 items I want/need are in there, so I’ve spent quite some time there.

    Boss-wise, I’ve found it a fairly standard “don’t stand in stuff on the ground, kill the adds” kinda thing. But they won’t gimme my new shoes or staff, so I will keep killing them until they do!

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