Maybe we SHOULD see other toons?

Dear Cynwise:

I’m sooo feeling you. My ‘Lock has been my main since 2006, when I began playing. She’s the one who has the achievements, the pet collection, the mount collection, the reputations, the titles. She has an amazing collection of hats, too, now that I think about it, and beer steins in every color of the rainbow.

Malarea shrugs, says "I mean, what the hell?"

Warlock in emotional turmoil

I think Cata really did twist the class into something that just isn’t that compelling anymore. It used to be, when I went to a new server, I made an Afflock first. Because I love them.

Now? Malarea is firmly Destruction, pulls substandard dps in dungeons and raids, has zero fun in PvP, and gets logged onto once in a while for a Holiday or to enchant something for the Hub.

I think the only way to save her would be for Blizz to introduce class transfers. I mean, why the hell not, at this point? I could make her a Male Human with a different name on another server; the class is the only thing I can’t change. And that makes me really sad, because I love her. We just don’t have that much in common anymore.

*wanders off to consider player-toon counseling*


One response to “Maybe we SHOULD see other toons?

  • Cynwise

    I didn’t want to start going down the road of “Blizzard broke my class,” because I don’t honestly know if it’s the class which changed too much, or if it’s me. I’m trying to be fair.

    But I also know if I could turn her into a Mage or a Priest, I’d do so, and find a compelling story to explain how that happened. 🙂


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