Searing Pain isn’t even on my toolbar

There was a post in my Reader this morning at Killing ’em Slowly about shameful confessions while playing a Warlock.

Oh, how I can relate. Here are a few of my shameful confessions:

  • I named my Doomguard “Bob.” I thought that would bring us a little closer, and I’d remember to bring him out more often. It doesn’t really work that way.
  • I secretly love it in dungeon groups when the tank and healer bite it (because as soon as one goes down, the other will be right behind), then the other two dps die, and I, having Soul Burned myself an Instant Tank, am able to be the last one standing for the boss kill (like, four minutes later, because you can solo-kill a boss at level on an Affliction Warlock, but you cannot do it quickly–you must apply one DoT and keep it refreshed while alternately Health Funneling your Void, Shattering and dusting your monitor or filing this month’s paid bills).
  • That entire paragraph above is one sentence. Even with the parenthetical aside.
  • I especially love the above scenario when I’ve recently taken some heat for my crap dps.
  • That having been said, I also can’t PvP on my Warlock worth a damn. Never could.
  • I once transferred my Undead Warlock to another server to play with friends, and found out they were playing Alliance. I had to faction-change her and was forced to pick Human (because it was pre-Cata, there were no Worgen yet, and Gnome? I mean, come on).
  • Human Mal was always way stupider than Undead Mal.

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