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No, you come HERE and I’ll heal you. Maybe.

I’m working on a WoW Newsletter for one of my favorite clients; this one is a monthly repeat project. March’s newsletter has a nice feature on Battlegrounds in it, which means that I need some Battleground screenshots. Which means I’m going in, cover me.

Not only will I be subjecting myself to PvP, but I’m going to have to do it on multiple characters from both factions. That’s so all my screenies don’t give the impression that WoW means playing an Undead Warlock, and nothing else. We can’t have that.

So I’m trying to put together toon-BG combinations that I know will go well. For example, no one but Ahimdylaw, the Paladin, is allowed to do Alterac Valley. Those people are just insane, and it’s not safe for the rest of my toons. ‘Law is the only character I’ve ever had any success with in AV, and that includes healers.

Now that I think about it, healing is probably the best way to do BGs. I’m not expected to fight, not really, and I can play “god” for a few minutes. What the schnitzle am I doing writing this post? I could be not healing rogues fighting in the middle! Right this second!


There is no appropriate title for my Undead Warlock

I decided the other day that I want Somnambulist, the Troll Druid, to get the Cenarion title. I mean, of course, am I right? And then it occurred to me that Annasteezia still has no title. She should be Ambassador, don’t you think? I do.

Of course, that means I gotta finish off Thunder Bluff to Exalted. Gah.

And Ahimdylaw, of course a Paladin should have the Argent Champion title, right? So now I figure out how to get Argent Dawn rep in this day and age.

It’s what I get for not caring about rep while it was relevant, I guess.

So anyway, it turns out you can purchase WotLK faction rep with Justice Points: 520 rep per 16 points, as a matter of fact. So I turned my measly ~160 points into a 1/2 way to Revered status, and I’ll finish the rest off while doing the Argent Dawn stuff in Eastern Plaguelands. That’s fitting, I think. I’m going to enjoy it.

Gypsykins needs a new dress

So with everyone else frantically trying to gather up all the transmog gear they can get their hands on, I’m leaning the other way. Instead, I’m looking for items I can equip on a level 5 Blood Elf Warlock. She’s my bank toon, and I love playing dress-up with her.

The first step was to make new toons for the sole purpose of nabbing their starting gear. First up, Crazyhairlock gave me her starting Goblin Warlock dress. I sent her a gold piece to help her with the expenses, and deleted her as soon as I got the dress out of the mail. There’s not a whole lot that sadder than a naked Goblin.

Next, Gobbypriest sent me the same outfit, only in blue. Cute, huh?

Don’t worry, I’ve got the blue Acolyte Staff on the way to her so it’ll coordinate.

Next, a series of Warlocks for additional red robes and dresses, including the Belf and Troll. I have to say, it was rather fun making all these ‘Locks and seeing what Imps they managed to summon from the nether. The Goblin’s imp was Pagyap, which my mind immediately translated as “Paypal.” The Troll’s Imp was named Kuptai, and wow, that one was almost too cute to delete. Her staff didn’t have anything on the Belf one, tho, so BOOM, back to the nether with you both.

Finally, a couple of Undead ladies, for the green Mage and red Warlock robes. That should help fill my closet up considerably. The Warlock robe for UD, beeteedubya, is the traditional one from vanilla. Hawt.

Isn't it awesome that Undead wake up with this buff?

Finally, the Alliance starting robes. Rather than start making and killing Allie toons,  and trying to neutral AH all the stuff over, I thought I’d send Mal on a trip to the Old Hillsbrad Foothills. Caverns o’ Time, sweetness, get after it.

Well, hello Thomas! I've been waiting for -- wait, that sounds creepy.

While on this little side mission, I decide to take out Don Carlos on heroic mode. Might as well get the souvenir hat, don’t you think?

After that, I talked D and his friend into helping me clear some old BC raid content for tier pieces for Mal. She got the Voidheart Robe to match the Crown already in Void Storage, but neither the shoulders nor the legs dropped for her. Stupid Gruul and Maulgar.

Tonight we’re gonna stop the crap out of Kara again, so D can finish off his Tier 4 Druid set. I’m hoping my Glove token drops from Curator, too.

A year in photos. Well, screenshots, anyway.

The year 2010 brought quite a few changes, both to the World of Warcraft and also to my RL. I lost my very dear father-in-law last February to a heart attack. My daughter, who I have been missing for years, finally moved here to Michigan and is rooming with her cousin and going to college. We sold a house, and bought a house, and in just a few more days, we’ll be living in that new house.

Over in Azeroth, we said goodbye to some friends


and hello to some new ones.

We achieved tons of stuff

and watched achievements drive some of our friends NUTS.

Some of our friends got lost

some were victims of Corpse Explosion

and some just took a little time off

But at the end of the day, there’s always me and D.

And I have a feeling that there always will be.

Ravasaurs Everywhere

 So Malarea finally got her Ravasaur mount. Since I was right there in Un’Goro, I decided to go ahead and check for Hatchlings. You know, it would have been really cool if they’d decided to give some of these vanity mounts an extra ability, some other reason to want to collect them and then actually pull them out and use them once in a while.

In other news, I’m now at 72/100 for the Mountain o’Mounts achievement. Still have a couple I could buy, and several I could get through the Argent Tournament if I wasn’t so completely burned out on that.  

Hallow’s End is upon us

So what are your plans?

I’m filling up the barn

Patch 3.3 has revived a great deal of the love I had for WoW, and the biggest part of that has probably been the Dungeon Finder utility. I’ve been having such a fantastic time working my way toward the Patient title, the Perky Pug, gathering badges, new loot, and Heroic mode achievements, and gaining considerably on some other achievements, as well. I’ve managed to become exalted with all but the Hodir faction, I’m well on my way to championing a fourth faction in the Tournament, and I’ve satisfied my burning desire for the Albino Drake.

Just this weekend I’ve managed to score a new Robe, Sword, Hat, set of Shoulders, and the Bronze Drake. That’s something for someone who hadn’t logged in for months, and had even let her account lapse.

Meanwhile, D has been working his 70-ish Druid through the Netherwing dailies, on his way to a pretty drake to ride. He’s found over a dozen eggs in the last 24 hours or so, so it’s going relatively quickly.

Since I was working on dungeons, and achievements, I discovered that I only had two more Azeroth and two Outland dungeons to do in order to get the Dungeon Master achievements. Gnomereggan and BRD fell quickly, leaving only Arcatraz and Shattered Halls to be dominated. I was really surprised at the dungeons that didn’t get done, but considering I have 2 80’s and 4 70’s, I suppose that I must have taken other classes in on runs those expeditions.

So, if you, too, are interested in stockpiling a bunch of ground and flying mounts and then using a random macro to cycle between them as a source of amusement, by all means, check out my article on Bright Hub. It’ll be worth it.