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Aion’s Priest is not WoW’s Priest…

There are lots of differences between the two classes, and in fact, I’d be tempted to say that the only things they really have in common are the name and the ability to heal. Starting out in leather, and graduating to chain armor, the Aion Priest is a much sturdier class than WoW’s Priest which never gets out of her cloth gear. Additionally, Aion’s Priest is encouraged to melee. In WoW, we like to call that ‘stick-whacking,’ and it’s largely frowned upon by the better class of players.

Even though Aion’s atmosphere is much less cartoon-y and fun that that of WoW, there is nothing there to compete with the outright evil-gasm a Shadow Priest gets from phasing into her purple form and stacking Shadow Word: Pain on everyone in sight, then Screaming them all to the four corners where they die slowly, in agony. And that, my friends, is the way Priesting was meant to be.


C’mon, Aion open beta

It really can’t get here soon enough. There are just so many things that I’m itching to try out, for instance, the Spirit Master class. I’m wondering how similar to WoW’s Warlock that will be, or if it should more logically be compared to the Magus in Warhammer Online. I’ve never played a Ranger-type class that didn’t have a pet, so trying out the Scout’s Ranger spec also looks to be pretty fun.

While in the closed beta, I messed around a bit with Handicrafting, Sewing, Alchemy, and Cooking. While the Handicrafting looks fun and has jewelry recipes, it also creates bows and staves – neither of which fit my Sorcerer, Templar, or Assassin classes. So, trying out a Ranger or Chanter with Handicrafting should prove to be of more use.

I am definitely sure that I need an Alchemist; the HP, MP, Cleansing, and Flight potions are all essential, I’m convinced.

For those of you who’d like to get a glimpse of life as a Sorcerer, ENJOY!

Aion Sorcerer Class Guide – Levels 10-19

Got to wear the hat that my baby done sewed.

I’m totally digging Aion. After participating in 3 closed beta events, I’m now waiting breathlessly for the open beta, coming “soon.”

Crafting and farming materials has always been one of my favorite parts of any MMO, and even of single-player RPGs. God only knows how many days of my life have been devoted to gathering mushrooms in Oblivion, searching for a Skooma recipe in Morrowind, and mining copper ore in World of Warcraft.

And yet, the flawed afterthought of a profession scheme in Warhammer Online left me cold. I could have loved spending time butchering animals, growing my own herbs, and whittling myself some Talismans for multiple purposes.

Lucky for me, NCSoft’s upcoming MMO appears to be holding on to some of that ol’ black magic I crave. Stay tuned for more, especially with open beta!