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No, you come HERE and I’ll heal you. Maybe.

I’m working on a WoW Newsletter for one of my favorite clients; this one is a monthly repeat project. March’s newsletter has a nice feature on Battlegrounds in it, which means that I need some Battleground screenshots. Which means I’m going in, cover me.

Not only will I be subjecting myself to PvP, but I’m going to have to do it on multiple characters from both factions. That’s so all my screenies don’t give the impression that WoW means playing an Undead Warlock, and nothing else. We can’t have that.

So I’m trying to put together toon-BG combinations that I know will go well. For example, no one but Ahimdylaw, the Paladin, is allowed to do Alterac Valley. Those people are just insane, and it’s not safe for the rest of my toons. ‘Law is the only character I’ve ever had any success with in AV, and that includes healers.

Now that I think about it, healing is probably the best way to do BGs. I’m not expected to fight, not really, and I can play “god” for a few minutes. What the schnitzle am I doing writing this post? I could be not healing rogues fighting in the middle! Right this second!


Prin Does PvP – Part 3

Alterac Valley – I have to say, I feel a real affinity for the AV Battlemaster in Shattrath City, Wolf-Sister Maka. Of course that might just be because we have the same head piece on. Or at least, we did at the time of this photo.
So I gave AV a shot today – it’s the BG weekend, don’tcha know. I’ve done my share of AV on other toons, predominately Rigatoni for the Frostwolf mount. That was before the recent changes to AV, and also, it was on a rogue. ‘Twas a much different experience today, kids.

First – the battles were over much quicker than I remembered. I ended up doing 3, since we lost the first two, but I was still done in just over half an hour. Second – I didn’t see much “fighting in the road” today, and that always appeared to be, like, the Horde’s super-secret-shooting-ourselves-in-the-foot strategy. No real taking or defending of Graveyards, either. Just a race to Balinda, and then a race to the final boss, Vanndar Stormpike.

All in all, my strategy in this BG was simple: hang back, dot SW:P and VE on everything, bang anyone low on health with a hearty Sha-BAM! of a SW:D. It appeared to work, as for the first time EVAR I suffered 0 deaths in any of the 3 matches I played. We really met no resistance on our way to the two boss-kills.

Summary: Alterac Valley currently appears to be a race for the two bosses, with no defending or taking of towers, graveyards, and the like. It certainly wasn’t the most exciting Battleground I’ve tried, and based on chat messages it’s also the least likely for the Horde to win. It was, however, fast, furious, and efficient. Three matches, 5 Alterac Valley Marks of Honor, and a total of 1436 honor for the day. Not a bad haul, and I’m only about 431 honor away from the Insignia of the Horde! Now if only I could figure out a way to fix this: