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I like to wear the least possible amount of pants

Anna the Priest, being recently dinged into 85, is just now entering Cata heroics. That means that her gear is this impossibly ugly mish-mosh of badge gear, dungeon drops and a few crafted items from my tailoring Warlock, like this horrid belt.

Lightweight Champion

I know the issue with female armor being incredibly sexist, and keeping that in mind, I decided to pick the skeeziest set I could find to transmog for her. Lucky for me, my tailor farmed up the recipes for the Cindercloth tunic and pants ages ago. I still need to find shoulders and a hat that will coordinate with that, and I’m thinking that the Crimson Silk or Red Mageweave shoulders will probably rock it.

For the head piece, I really want something that will let me show off her long, flowing red hair, so like a circlet or something. I picked up one of the Owl that’s kind of gold colored–we’ll see if I can’t find something cuter. If I totally can’t, then I have the Mag’hari Ritualist horns. If you don’t remember them, they are of the Felheart Horns design, and I think they’ll be pretty awesome with the outfit. One complaint: it’s hard to find a belt that really goes with the set. Crimson Silk didn’t quite do it, so I ended up putting the Netherweave Belt on her for now. What do you think?

I read a lot of Virginia Woolf when I'm not healing dungeons.

“I read a lot of Virginia Woolf when I’m not healing dungeons.”

While checking banks and the auction house and bags for the crafting mats, I noticed an adorable hunter standing nearby in a cute, tarty little mail get up. A quick inspection showed that she’d ‘mogged her stuff to the mail set that drops in Scholomance. BAM! My Hunter is on her way to Western Plaguelands as we speak.

AND? Totally hilarious aside, while I was typing all this, said Hunter perished off the coast of the Hinterlands. Her little flying machine crashed, and she died of fatigue. She’s now running off the Resurrection Sickness by flying up to Scholo where she should have been headed in the first place.

So, five quick runs of the final four bosses for the Bloodmail set, and I’ve got only the hands and legs. Now my bags are full, and I’m sick of running back out of the dungeon (which takes longer than running in, since I drop down off the opening ledge and miss nearly all of it). I think I’ll make my Rogue go farm a Blood Elf Mask, instead. She’s good at sneaking in and out of high-level-guarded areas.


There is no appropriate title for my Undead Warlock

I decided the other day that I want Somnambulist, the Troll Druid, to get the Cenarion title. I mean, of course, am I right? And then it occurred to me that Annasteezia still has no title. She should be Ambassador, don’t you think? I do.

Of course, that means I gotta finish off Thunder Bluff to Exalted. Gah.

And Ahimdylaw, of course a Paladin should have the Argent Champion title, right? So now I figure out how to get Argent Dawn rep in this day and age.

It’s what I get for not caring about rep while it was relevant, I guess.

So anyway, it turns out you can purchase WotLK faction rep with Justice Points: 520 rep per 16 points, as a matter of fact. So I turned my measly ~160 points into a 1/2 way to Revered status, and I’ll finish the rest off while doing the Argent Dawn stuff in Eastern Plaguelands. That’s fitting, I think. I’m going to enjoy it.

The Cataclysmic Priest in WoW

Back before we knew much about what was coming in Cataclysm, I wrote this article. It detailed some of the changes I’d seen and talked about how the focus for Holy and Discipline Priests could change a bit. What I didn’t know then was what it would be like to actually play one of those specs with the new abilities, talents, and glyphs.

I’ve been taking Annasteezia through the dungeon finder here, and there, trying to gain the skills necessary to be a good Disc healer. When she’s doing her Jewelcrafting daily or just questing, I keep her in her Shadow spec. Then I noticed the Archangel deal…

Well, I’m only 75 so I can’t get to that part of the Discipline tree while Shadow-specced, so if I want to check that out, I’m going to have to do it in Discipline, right? I’m still not quite comfortable enough as a healer to be Smiting, so that means I’ll have to do it solo. This is a transcript of my experience.

Discipline spec? Check. Let’s go find some mobs.

Look at Evangelism and Archangel talents again. Realize that those no longer do what we thought they would do.

Become completely bummed about Discipline dps spec.

Switch back to Shadow. Complete JC quest.

Well, it could have been interesting. Maybe I should just nut up and queue to heal, then start Smiting. Seriously, I haven’t even had Smite on my toolbar since I got Shadowform.

Tehrawreyes Dings 80, Tanks Heroic Naxx

Okay, so not really. Ding 80, yes – tank heroic Naxxrammas? Yah, not so much. But hey! It looks good in print, huh? And I’m going to get serious about working on her gear. Not only did D make me an awesome back, but he also funded all the mats for her new Squirrel-Masher of Infinite Evil.

So we’re totally loving 3.1 over here so far. Prin got all Sybil-like and changed her name to Annasteezia, since she planned to dual-spec Shadow and Discipline healing. And dual-spec she did, becoming the first of my toons with that dubious Achievement.

I’m also liking the daily fishing quests, and the fact that now all of us can fish anywhere. Helps to keep the other toons of being jealous of Mal. Within the next couple of days, I hope to post links to both of her new specs, with some thoughts on appropriate glyphs and stat priorities. I’m also going out of town for the long weekend, so that ought to give me something to do on the plane.

So – updates: For the first time ever, Mal posted 2k+ damage on a raid meter, and even finished the raid in the top spot! Go, me.


And finally – Tehr lucked into this achievement while running Old Strat for the second time in one night. Not only was I looting in combat – I managed to snag this screenie in mid-pull. Yah, I’m totally a bad-ass tank now!