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Sister Despairity – Take Heed!

You are totally going to be working on the above method by Zupa this week. Hawli is only 1/2 a level from 70; it’s time for you to come into your own.



You Can’t Chat When You’re Dead… and other nuggets of wisdom

I’ve tried to love my Mage. And then I tried to just LIKE her. It’s more difficult than one might think. I’ve tried to rationalize, that I was spoiled by playing a warlock and a rogue, both of which are super-high damage with much less squishiness.


I’ve tried to justify my dissatisfaction by citing my preferred “Rambo” playstyle and utter lack of peripheral vision.


In the end, I think it all just boils down to one little fact. Despairity spends far more time as a Ghost than any other toon I’ve played.


It’s really hard to like a Ghost.