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No, you come HERE and I’ll heal you. Maybe.

I’m working on a WoW Newsletter for one of my favorite clients; this one is a monthly repeat project. March’s newsletter has a nice feature on Battlegrounds in it, which means that I need some Battleground screenshots. Which means I’m going in, cover me.

Not only will I be subjecting myself to PvP, but I’m going to have to do it on multiple characters from both factions. That’s so all my screenies don’t give the impression that WoW means playing an Undead Warlock, and nothing else. We can’t have that.

So I’m trying to put together toon-BG combinations that I know will go well. For example, no one but Ahimdylaw, the Paladin, is allowed to do Alterac Valley. Those people are just insane, and it’s not safe for the rest of my toons. ‘Law is the only character I’ve ever had any success with in AV, and that includes healers.

Now that I think about it, healing is probably the best way to do BGs. I’m not expected to fight, not really, and I can play “god” for a few minutes. What the schnitzle am I doing writing this post? I could be not healing rogues fighting in the middle! Right this second!


Malarea tries out the new ‘Sacrifice’ spell; merriment ensues

So, if you haven’t heard, Patch 3.1.2 brought a rather shocking change to the familiar old Warlock standby, the Voidwalker. His Sacrifice ability was once saved for the squeamish, looking for an easy way to run from danger. No more – ‘Locks everywhere are laughing in the faces of their enemies – for 30 seconds or until they have absorbed ~8k damage, at least. And then they are running.

I really had not paid any attention to specifics behind 3.1.2, and was only directed there this morning by my AzAdv editor on an unrelated matter. Imagine how my little black heart leapt when I saw the Warlock section of the patch notes! My supply of Mage Tears has been running a little low, so this looks like an awesome re-stocking opportunity. I adjourn now to Arathi Basin to try this out.

Attempt #1: Okay – it appears my bubble isn’t strong enough to hold up through 5 attackers at once. I shall be more crafty in the future.

Attempt #2: Hiding in the bushes, I’m able to pick off 2 or three. Until, that is, I screw up and use a Drain. /stupidlock

Attempt #3: I &%$ing hate Rogues.

Attempt #4: I achieve some marginal success. My purply-green bubble isn’t made of steel, that’s for sure. And it appears that I can still be stunned while wearing it which doesn’t seem fair at all. In a one-on-one confrontation, I’m loving it. I think with some practice, and carrying around some Free Action pots, I could just about be a forced to be reckoned with. Sure.

*Definitely do check out the amazing blogs linked above – Mages or not, these are some awesome bloggers who really know their poop.

**Who knows the last time the word “poop” was used here? 50 dkp to the first correct commenter.

Preaching to the Choir – why seasonal PvP achievements were a VERY bad idea

PvPers: I am sorry.

You all don’t want us there – we don’t want to be there. The reward for the meta-achievement is not useful in PvP, and it makes no sense why players pursuing a PvE- and / or RP-based set of titles and achievements should have to ruin the PvP experience for those of you who actually enjoy (shudder) it.

I have nothing more to offer on this than just to point to





and many others and say, “Yah! What they said.”

Half-Assed Update Post – Partially Off-Topic

Okay, so I’m slammed today. First day of classes for the EMU spring semester was yesterday, and I’m taking 6 hours in a 7-week semester so I’m pretty ‘up to my ears’ in work. Read 7 chapters of Stealing Some God’s Food, copy the definitions of some literary terms (what are we, 12? Okay, but I’m not going to color the correct spelling blue), and try to sort out the many different sources of information provided for my Technical Writing course. There’s the main EMU student page, and then the “text” website (which is actually a subscription to the online content, no printed matter), and finally a class Wiki that we are all supposed to be helping to create.

Wait, what? Yeah, I know – we’re totally learning how to create and maintain a Wiki in this class. Bonus! The markup language is kinda odd… it’s not CSS or HTML, but still has some flavor of each, I think. I mean, thus far. All I’ve done is manage to activate my page, upload a photo, and create one bulleted list. We’ll see. But I’m really excited about it, I totally dig this kinda thing. Don’t get too excited yet, Kes, but I just might be able to offer you a hand on the TNB Wiki soon!

Meanwhile, I need to do the other two articles in my WoW-related freelance gig, and then come up with a good news-release kind of article for yet another WoW-related freelance gig. >.> More on that second thing coming soon, I promise, but for now let’s just say I need to do a TON to get it to the point where I can start working it. Oh – I also need to learn how to be as good at WordPress as I am here with Blogger. My local library had a grand total of ZERO books on WP, so I plan to check out the libary at EMU next.

WoW stuff – I did get my “Noble” title, that was no big drain on the brain. “Matron,” however, appears to be beyond my grasp. I’m willing to bet that with a little luck and enough stabs at it, I could get the AV part of School of Hard Knocks. I’m also pretty sure, however, that there’s no way in hell all of the above work will pay me enough to be able to afford the quanity of Xanax I’d have to take to get the WSG part. It’s just not cost-effiective. And it’s not like I had the Violet Protagonist (oh yeah, he totally is) up to this point, anyway, so what’s one more missed title?

Speakin’a which, I was scrolling through some of the available achievements and you know which title I’d really like to have? “The Seeker”. I think it fits me and my playstyle rather well – much better than “Matron” ever would. Just like for D, his most defining achievment was getting the “Explorer” title. It looks like I’m only ~600-700 quests short of hitting the 3000 quest mark, too. All in all, I think my time would be much better spent in poor, neglected Desolace than it would be in any Battleground. Other than Wintergrasp, of course. I still ❤ Wintergrasp with big, pink, fluffy, sparkly hearts.

*Image curtesy of Zsuzsanna Kilián, located at

Prin Does PvP – Part 3

Alterac Valley – I have to say, I feel a real affinity for the AV Battlemaster in Shattrath City, Wolf-Sister Maka. Of course that might just be because we have the same head piece on. Or at least, we did at the time of this photo.
So I gave AV a shot today – it’s the BG weekend, don’tcha know. I’ve done my share of AV on other toons, predominately Rigatoni for the Frostwolf mount. That was before the recent changes to AV, and also, it was on a rogue. ‘Twas a much different experience today, kids.

First – the battles were over much quicker than I remembered. I ended up doing 3, since we lost the first two, but I was still done in just over half an hour. Second – I didn’t see much “fighting in the road” today, and that always appeared to be, like, the Horde’s super-secret-shooting-ourselves-in-the-foot strategy. No real taking or defending of Graveyards, either. Just a race to Balinda, and then a race to the final boss, Vanndar Stormpike.

All in all, my strategy in this BG was simple: hang back, dot SW:P and VE on everything, bang anyone low on health with a hearty Sha-BAM! of a SW:D. It appeared to work, as for the first time EVAR I suffered 0 deaths in any of the 3 matches I played. We really met no resistance on our way to the two boss-kills.

Summary: Alterac Valley currently appears to be a race for the two bosses, with no defending or taking of towers, graveyards, and the like. It certainly wasn’t the most exciting Battleground I’ve tried, and based on chat messages it’s also the least likely for the Horde to win. It was, however, fast, furious, and efficient. Three matches, 5 Alterac Valley Marks of Honor, and a total of 1436 honor for the day. Not a bad haul, and I’m only about 431 honor away from the Insignia of the Horde! Now if only I could figure out a way to fix this:

Prin Does PvP – Part 2

Arathi Basin. My second attempt at dominating the PvP playing field. Let’s see how it goes!

Okay, I’ve got my Psychic Scream hotkeyed to the Z key (I switched it with Fear Ward on my toolbar for the excursion). I’m all buffed, mounted, ready to rock.

Oh yeah, what’s the objective, again? Flags? No, no, it’s bases in AB! Yeah, that’s right. There are five: the Farm, Lumbermill, Mine, Stables, and Blacksmith. The way the map is set up, the Farm is closest to our base, while the Stables are furthest. There are some great strategy tips here.

I no sooner join the Battlegroup (already in progress) than I see this:

Well, I think, that was easy.

Then a Horde player posts what looks to be a reasonable strategy – we already hold 4 bases, let’s go for the fifth! Apparently they call that a “five-cap” and it’s really good.

I rush the Stables, right into the chaos of fighting at the banner. I start dotting up everyone I can target, until a rogue notices me – BOOM, I fear off the lot of them. By now, other players have been inspired by my bravery and dedication to teamwork and have joined me in the fray. They jump in and finish off the Alliance players I’ve feared, clearing our way. Well, most of our way. Seems they’ve neglected to take care of the rogue who is Backstabbing me mercilessly.

Ah well, it’s part of war, right? Sure it is. Anyway, doesn’t matter. After only 14 minutes of battle, the Horde dominated and Prin walked away with 587 honor (it was also the daily!) and 3x Arathi Basin Mark of Honor. A pretty solid showing by our favorite Shadow Priestess, if I do say so myself.
So, tell me guys, which is your favorite BG? And how do you like to play? I’m a fan of defense & dirty tricks, so far.

Prin Does PvP – Part 1 (Warsong Gulch)

“We have met the enemy… and he is us.”
“My own worst enemy.”
“Danger to myself.”

Okay, so I had more fun coming up with alternative titles for this post than I did putting in the PvP time to research it. For the record: Principessa does not PvP. She could break a nail. For the love of all that’s holy, (?) why on earth would she subject herself to the elitist, bossy, afk’ing, honor-kill-farming, typical PvP’er?

Well, because D brought it up. Since he DOES like to PvP, I’ve heard all the conventional complaints about the various classes. It seems to boil down to own prevalent thought: most players think that Battlegrounds are about kills. That was once the case, but no more. Today’s BGs require strategy, timing, coordination, teamwork, and a healthy supply of twisty Cheetos. (Seven pieces to a serving, my ***.)

As part of a three-post series, Princessa will take you inside the Shadow Priest’s PvP experience. Dps, healing, and utility are the tools we bring to the table.

Coming to the party in the middle of the level bracket won’t make things easy for me. Plus, my “meh” gear and limited PvP experience won’t make me anyone’s darling. So, how do I stand out and shine like the Princess I am? I decide to look for anything in my spellbook that could cause some havoc to the oppostion. Then I get out my stick and start stirring.

First up – Warsong Gulch. Basically what I did here was to hide out under the balcony, near the flag. I used Mind Vision on our stealthed rogue to keep an eye on what was going on, and everytime I saw an Alliance player come running up, I Mind-Controlled him. I did a little healing, a little dps, but found that for the most part I’m best at being a thorn in the proverbial side. We won, 3 to 0. For the Horde!

What I learned:

  • Psychic Scream, dammit. D’s got me so trained to NOT fear, that I’ve almost forgotten I can still use this spell in a group. There’s absolutely no reason why I shouldn’t fear in a battleground. Fear is my friend.
  • I can’t use Mind Control on Hunter pets or shape-shifted Druids. I couldn’t use it the first time I tried, or the second, or the third, so I should probably quit and move on, right?
  • The 10-minute battle netted me 236 honor and 3 Warsong Gulch Marks of Honor.