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I like to wear the least possible amount of pants

Anna the Priest, being recently dinged into 85, is just now entering Cata heroics. That means that her gear is this impossibly ugly mish-mosh of badge gear, dungeon drops and a few crafted items from my tailoring Warlock, like this horrid belt.

Lightweight Champion

I know the issue with female armor being incredibly sexist, and keeping that in mind, I decided to pick the skeeziest set I could find to transmog for her. Lucky for me, my tailor farmed up the recipes for the Cindercloth tunic and pants ages ago. I still need to find shoulders and a hat that will coordinate with that, and I’m thinking that the Crimson Silk or Red Mageweave shoulders will probably rock it.

For the head piece, I really want something that will let me show off her long, flowing red hair, so like a circlet or something. I picked up one of the Owl that’s kind of gold colored–we’ll see if I can’t find something cuter. If I totally can’t, then I have the Mag’hari Ritualist horns. If you don’t remember them, they are of the Felheart Horns design, and I think they’ll be pretty awesome with the outfit. One complaint: it’s hard to find a belt that really goes with the set. Crimson Silk didn’t quite do it, so I ended up putting the Netherweave Belt on her for now. What do you think?

I read a lot of Virginia Woolf when I'm not healing dungeons.

“I read a lot of Virginia Woolf when I’m not healing dungeons.”

While checking banks and the auction house and bags for the crafting mats, I noticed an adorable hunter standing nearby in a cute, tarty little mail get up. A quick inspection showed that she’d ‘mogged her stuff to the mail set that drops in Scholomance. BAM! My Hunter is on her way to Western Plaguelands as we speak.

AND? Totally hilarious aside, while I was typing all this, said Hunter perished off the coast of the Hinterlands. Her little flying machine crashed, and she died of fatigue. She’s now running off the Resurrection Sickness by flying up to Scholo where she should have been headed in the first place.

So, five quick runs of the final four bosses for the Bloodmail set, and I’ve got only the hands and legs. Now my bags are full, and I’m sick of running back out of the dungeon (which takes longer than running in, since I drop down off the opening ledge and miss nearly all of it). I think I’ll make my Rogue go farm a Blood Elf Mask, instead. She’s good at sneaking in and out of high-level-guarded areas.


Gypsykins needs a new dress

So with everyone else frantically trying to gather up all the transmog gear they can get their hands on, I’m leaning the other way. Instead, I’m looking for items I can equip on a level 5 Blood Elf Warlock. She’s my bank toon, and I love playing dress-up with her.

The first step was to make new toons for the sole purpose of nabbing their starting gear. First up, Crazyhairlock gave me her starting Goblin Warlock dress. I sent her a gold piece to help her with the expenses, and deleted her as soon as I got the dress out of the mail. There’s not a whole lot that sadder than a naked Goblin.

Next, Gobbypriest sent me the same outfit, only in blue. Cute, huh?

Don’t worry, I’ve got the blue Acolyte Staff on the way to her so it’ll coordinate.

Next, a series of Warlocks for additional red robes and dresses, including the Belf and Troll. I have to say, it was rather fun making all these ‘Locks and seeing what Imps they managed to summon from the nether. The Goblin’s imp was Pagyap, which my mind immediately translated as “Paypal.” The Troll’s Imp was named Kuptai, and wow, that one was almost too cute to delete. Her staff didn’t have anything on the Belf one, tho, so BOOM, back to the nether with you both.

Finally, a couple of Undead ladies, for the green Mage and red Warlock robes. That should help fill my closet up considerably. The Warlock robe for UD, beeteedubya, is the traditional one from vanilla. Hawt.

Isn't it awesome that Undead wake up with this buff?

Finally, the Alliance starting robes. Rather than start making and killing Allie toons,  and trying to neutral AH all the stuff over, I thought I’d send Mal on a trip to the Old Hillsbrad Foothills. Caverns o’ Time, sweetness, get after it.

Well, hello Thomas! I've been waiting for -- wait, that sounds creepy.

While on this little side mission, I decide to take out Don Carlos on heroic mode. Might as well get the souvenir hat, don’t you think?

After that, I talked D and his friend into helping me clear some old BC raid content for tier pieces for Mal. She got the Voidheart Robe to match the Crown already in Void Storage, but neither the shoulders nor the legs dropped for her. Stupid Gruul and Maulgar.

Tonight we’re gonna stop the crap out of Kara again, so D can finish off his Tier 4 Druid set. I’m hoping my Glove token drops from Curator, too.