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In where I single-handedly solve the queue issue

Do you play a class capable of tanking and / or healing, and refuse to tank and / or heal?

Go respec.

Do you refuse to tank and or heal because you don’t think you’re good enough?

Go respec, then practice.

Do you complain about the queue times EVEN THOUGH you play a class capable of tanking and / or healing, and refuse to tank and / or heal and are therefore deliberately being part of the problem?

Go uninstall.

Do you refuse to tank and or heal because you lack thumbs?

Okay, you get a pass, but you might want to think about re-rolling. Hunters are fun.

Have you ever rolled “Need” on a tank or healer item, against the tank or healer?

Seriously, uninstall. Then rip off your own arm and use it to smash your computer into tiny pieces.

Do you drop group if you wipe (or even personally die) once on the first boss? On trash?

Get over yourself, you’re not magically “better” than anyone else. In fact, chances are that the asshole who caused that wipe was you.

Okay, who’s left? Approximately three dps for every tank and healer combo? Awesome. Let’s queue up.


One thing leads to another

It all started when Ahimdylaw dinged 80.

The guildies were wanting to try some more challenging content on their fresh 80s, namely the three ICC 5-mans. We completed them all – didn’t even have any deaths on HoR – but died FAR too many times trying to run the tunnel gauntlet at the end of PoS.

SO–I got up this morning and started working on her gear. She only had a score of about 2700, so I crafted her two lvl 200 epics from Blacksmithing and then logged onto Mal for some enchants. That taken care of, I went back to ‘Law to look at badge gear.

Lo and behold, I had enough JP for this:

Which, you might have noticed, has a red gem socket.

So I logged onto Anna to see what she could make. Quick review of WowHead showed that she’d want one of the Opals, since I’m not sure I want to invest the money in an epic Dreadstone. Problem is, what I really wanted was either the Etched or the Accurate. Okay, let’s see…

  • The Etched design is a high-level drop, and horrendously expensive in the AH.
  • The Accurate only drops off of mammoths in Storm Peaks and Sholazar.
  • Anna is only level 72. 😦

So then I checked out the Nimble, a green cut. Purchasable from the trainer in Dalaran! Score! Anna has only one Token to spend! Denied!

What do I do now? Well, I can do the JC daily on her for one more token, but that still leaves me one short. Titanium Powder turn-ins? OMG so freaking expensive.

Looks like I’m leveling Anna next.

/4 Lvl 72 Shadow or Disc Priest, will probably let you die for XP! PST


In a land far, far away…

Once upon a time, there was a little Undead Warlock named Malarea, and she loved to hear stories.

“Tell me a story,” she’d say, all the time.

So much of what I’m about has to do with my love of a good story. I read – voraciously. My favorite video games are those with a captivating story. How could I ever forget Ico and his princess, or James, Mary, and Maria in SH2? The twins from Fatal Frame: Crimson Butterfly? The Legend of Zelda?

I’m big into crime novels, and dramatic series of the FX variety like Sons of Anarchy, The Shield, and Rescue Me. I’m there for the story. Even my music tastes run to the artists that know how to tell a tale of love and loss and the ordinary pettiness involved in living a life.

Cataclysm is coming, and the first tingle of events over the last 36 hours has me really ramped up for it. I’ve GOT to know what the cultists are doing. I can’t wait to see Gilneas, and find out what happens with Sylvanas’s Forsaken, and Vol’jin’s Trolls, and yeah, even the Goblins.

Nice digs, eh?

So, I really wanted to move this blog over here to WordPress. All of my other blogs are here, and it made sense, and I’ve gotten used to idiosyncracies of WordPress. But – I forgot about how the free version doesn’t allow script, CSS changes, and the like, and I can’t have Wowhead tooltips here.  /sigh/

So, how’s everybody been? It’s been crazy here, just getting back into WoW since the early spring and starting to get really ramped up for Cataclysm. Maybe we should start with the cast of characters, for those of you how aren’t familiar?

MALAREA – Lvl 80 Undead Warlock, Destruction

Mal has been with me since almost the beginning. She has been my main for more than 4 years now, and although she’s always been partial to Affliction, she’s recently developed a taste for the fire. Mal does Enchanting and Tailoring.

TEHRAWREYES – Lvl 80 Undead Death Knight, Unholy

Tehrri was the second toon to 80. I loved the DK so much when WotLK first released, it was like dressing Mal in plate. Now that Unholy appears to be relegated to PvP, she’s seriously considering going Frost for dps. I tried tanking with her, but got discouraged when all the other 80s outgeared me and refused to let me play their reindeer games in heroics. /sniffle/ Tehrri likes to pick flowers and grind them up into gooey, dripping, organ-resembling– I mean, Herbalism and Inscription.

AHIMDYLAW – Lvl 72 Blood Elf Paladin, Prot

It is SO unlike me to try a pally, and then to actually like it. ‘Law is an amazing tank, I like tanking on her ever so much better than on Tehr. She struggles really hard with staying on the “light” side of things, especially with most of her sisters always trying to drag her over to the dark and shadowy side. ‘Law does Mining and Blacksmithing.

ANNASTEEZIA – Lvl 72 Blood Elf Priest, Shadow / Discipline

Anna, the Priest formerly known as Prin, was the inspiration for the original Melted Faces blog. Anna really enjoys being a Shadow Priest, but she has a Disc off-spec for those times when she needs to be the healer. She does, however, have this annoying tendency to get distracted and let her Rogue die (Sorry, Wolf!!)

DESPAIRITY – Lvl 71 Undead Mage, Frost

Desi was the first toon I ever made on WoW, way back in mid-2006. I abandoned her without mercy for the Warlock, and although it pains me to admit it, that was definitely the right choice for me at the time. Playing a Mage was ever so much harder for a Newb back then, especially since I handicapped Desi so much. I dressed her in equal Stam, Int, and Spirit, I specced her Fire to level, (I KNOW, right?) and I spent equal amounts of play time either dead or drinking. Not fun. Her tagline became “You can’t do that while you’re dead.” Now, however, I’ve done the research, learned how to dress her so the other Mages don’t make fun of her, and became an expert at the AoE Frost Grind. Of  course, that’s gone now, but we’re still learning ways in 4.0.1 to keep the mobs at arms-length until they die horrible icy deaths. Good times. Desi is the team Alchemist.

HAWLI – Lvl 71 Blood Elf Hunter, Beast Mastery

Hawli is a tomboy. She loves building bombs, hanging out with her menagerie of pets, (Nightshade, Vanilla the Gorilla, Detroit, the red-winged bat) and running/jumping/climbing trees. She knows she looks goofy in her goggles, but she doesn’t care. I’ve never been a really good Hunter so she hasn’t gotten much playtime after dinging 70

RIGATONI – Lvl 70Blood Elf Rogue, Unspecced

I fell in love with the Rogue, and she was actually the second toon to reach 70. I’ve just been so busy with all the other toons that I never got back to her. Also, I kinda suck at melee characters. Unless I’m tanking, and the Rogue doesn’t tank. Or at least, she shouldn’t. Rigs skins and does Leatherworking.

A ninja by any other name

The Hub was victim to a ninja the other night, it seems. I had not been sleeping well the past few nights, and actually wiped out just before 8pm. After tucking me in with my stuffed menagerie, he came back downstairs and logged into WoW for a bit.

While on his Alliance Priest, he received a whispered invitation for a Mara run through. He delightedly accepted, and found himself the only at-level clothy in a full party, headed by a friendly level 80. At some point during the run, an epic BOE mace dropped. Long story short, the Rogue rolled “need,” and an outcry among the party members ensued. The Rogue claimed that the purple tanking mace was better than what he had equipped, and was finally convinced that it did not suit his character.

At this point, all party members agreed to roll again, and the Hub actually won. Unfortunately, however, this rogue refused to trade the item over to him. He also refused to equip it, claiming that he had been told by the 80 leading the party “to just sell it.” When reminded that it was not the 80 who had won the roll, his response was that they were all “getting a run through so just shut up.”

Coincidentally, I logged on to yesterday morning to find this on the front page:

Heroes of Warcraft on EU Stormrage sure does try to justify their ninja in this thread — they have paragraphs and paragraphs about why it was a “tactical choice” to ignore a roll and give an item to one of their guildies. But in the end, a ninja is a ninja — if you decide to roll, and someone wins, and you give it to someone else, that’s a ninja. No amount of explanation and squirming is going to get you out of it.

Why, oh why, after all this time, do people insists on being greedy bastards and trying to sneak off with things that do not belong to them? Don’t they realize what they are setting themselves up for?

And before anyone starts in with that “mara is srs business” crap, might I remind you that it isn’t the item that dropped, or even the gold it could have been sold for – it’s a matter of being the kind of person that other players can trust and will enjoy running with. And I don’t care if someone bogarts my freaking hat, they aren’t getting the opportunity to do it twice.

I have withheld said Rogue’s name from this post, mainly because I still haven’t decided whether or not this is the end of the story.

See, I gotta mean streak.

WoW Freelance Writing Gig

I’ve alluded to this a couple of times, and it looks like I’m finally at a point where I can start crowing about it. No, it’s not THAT big of a deal, but it means a lot to me, so I’m happy to share this small success with the blogosphere.

You may notice that little logo over there on the left, you know, the new one. The one that looks like this: Go ahead, click on it, I’ll wait.

YES! OMFG that’s ME!! Fah reelz. I really don’t expect that it will take anything away from here, since this is my little shadowy hideout for stuff about my other “Me”s. And yeah, they really are all kind of me, when I think about it. But I hope to have some good info there on the Examiner, too, and I’ll make sure to point y’all in that direction whenever it’s something I’d put in both places.

By all means, let me know what you think, if you have any suggestions, comments, or yes – even criticism. I can totally take it.


Okay, now.

Creating Synergy

D and I have been playing WoW together for years. That’s so crazy when I say it out loud, but it’s true. And over those years, we’ve discovered many leveling partnerships that worked great and a few that – well, not so much. There are several aspects to character choices which need to be taken into consideration, namely party role, armor class, and profession.

What worked?

Feral Druid / Shadow Priest
Once D’s druid decided he wanted to be a bear tank, the idea of partnering with Anna’s shadow-priesty goodness was just amazing. We had the roles down, his tanking and my dps & healing. He had no interest in my int & spirit cloth, and I wasn’t able to glom onto his leather. And while we shared mining as one profession, he was usually content to herb and just hit nodes for the point. Also, if you accidentally flag yourself for PvP, and need a quick hiding spot, a Druid can be your best friend!
– How not to anger your bear: Follow the basic rules of thumb. If you pull aggro or prox an add, run TO your bear. Don’t fear them off; he’ll just have to chase them down, or wait for them to all come right back to you. For short fights, don’t PW:S pre-pull. If he’s not getting hit, he’ll have a harder time generating the rage needed to keep the aggro off of you.

Death Knight / Discipline Priest
My little Lock n Plate has awesome AoE tanking, which keeps my squishy leveling partner safer. DKs don’t need to be taking damage in order to generate the RP or runes necessary for their abilities, so a pre-pull Shield works great.
– How not to annoy your disc Priest: WAIT for the shield before charging in. It’s one of his best methods of helping to heal / mitigate your damage, and if you don’t force a D&D run for the mobs or you pull in mid-cast, you’re going to have to beat the baddies back off your healer.

Warlock / Resto Shaman

Use your Void or Felguard to tank; although your bf is wearing mail, it’s still harder on him to keep you alive when he’s under fire himself.

How not to piss off your Shammie: When you get that HoT – tap. Then say “thank you.” When you see your Shammie sit down to drink – don’t tap. Bandage, Dark Pact, or sit yourself. It’s pretty simple, actually.

What didn’t?

Feral Druid / Rogue
One of us was always popping out of stealth with an opener – and ruining the chance for the other one to pounce. And we had to share out the gear.

Warlock / Priest

Not that it DIDN’T work… but it wasn’t optimal. With the homogenization of gear and the change to outright +Spellpower, drops could often go either way.

Any Toon / Hunter

For one reason only – D doesn’t like playing a pure dps class. Don’t get me wrong, he loved the playstyle, the pets, and having the ability to kill several mobs at once, all while tabbed out to YouTube. What he didn’t like was the feeling of helplessness that comes from not have a healing ability. Even when he was tanking, he still had some control over the damage being taken by other party members, and the option to pop and heal if the situation warranted it. I think D’s Hunter will forever be a solo-artist.

Final Thoughts

There are far too many workable partnerships to detail them all here, but by keeping just a few points in mind, those who like to level with friends should have no problems choosing good questing partners.

  • Go for a different armor class
  • At least one toon should have the ability to either tank or heal
  • If both toons are dps, try making one melee and the other ranged or a caster
  • Level those secondary professions! Being able to bandage yourself or your friend can make the difference in a pinch, and it’s always nice to bring a covered dish to the party.