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No, you come HERE and I’ll heal you. Maybe.

I’m working on a WoW Newsletter for one of my favorite clients; this one is a monthly repeat project. March’s newsletter has a nice feature on Battlegrounds in it, which means that I need some Battleground screenshots. Which means I’m going in, cover me.

Not only will I be subjecting myself to PvP, but I’m going to have to do it on multiple characters from both factions. That’s so all my screenies don’t give the impression that WoW means playing an Undead Warlock, and nothing else. We can’t have that.

So I’m trying to put together toon-BG combinations that I know will go well. For example, no one but Ahimdylaw, the Paladin, is allowed to do Alterac Valley. Those people are just insane, and it’s not safe for the rest of my toons. ‘Law is the only character I’ve ever had any success with in AV, and that includes healers.

Now that I think about it, healing is probably the best way to do BGs. I’m not expected to fight, not really, and I can play “god” for a few minutes. What the schnitzle am I doing writing this post? I could be not healing rogues fighting in the middle! Right this second!


Prin Does PvP – Part 1 (Warsong Gulch)

“We have met the enemy… and he is us.”
“My own worst enemy.”
“Danger to myself.”

Okay, so I had more fun coming up with alternative titles for this post than I did putting in the PvP time to research it. For the record: Principessa does not PvP. She could break a nail. For the love of all that’s holy, (?) why on earth would she subject herself to the elitist, bossy, afk’ing, honor-kill-farming, typical PvP’er?

Well, because D brought it up. Since he DOES like to PvP, I’ve heard all the conventional complaints about the various classes. It seems to boil down to own prevalent thought: most players think that Battlegrounds are about kills. That was once the case, but no more. Today’s BGs require strategy, timing, coordination, teamwork, and a healthy supply of twisty Cheetos. (Seven pieces to a serving, my ***.)

As part of a three-post series, Princessa will take you inside the Shadow Priest’s PvP experience. Dps, healing, and utility are the tools we bring to the table.

Coming to the party in the middle of the level bracket won’t make things easy for me. Plus, my “meh” gear and limited PvP experience won’t make me anyone’s darling. So, how do I stand out and shine like the Princess I am? I decide to look for anything in my spellbook that could cause some havoc to the oppostion. Then I get out my stick and start stirring.

First up – Warsong Gulch. Basically what I did here was to hide out under the balcony, near the flag. I used Mind Vision on our stealthed rogue to keep an eye on what was going on, and everytime I saw an Alliance player come running up, I Mind-Controlled him. I did a little healing, a little dps, but found that for the most part I’m best at being a thorn in the proverbial side. We won, 3 to 0. For the Horde!

What I learned:

  • Psychic Scream, dammit. D’s got me so trained to NOT fear, that I’ve almost forgotten I can still use this spell in a group. There’s absolutely no reason why I shouldn’t fear in a battleground. Fear is my friend.
  • I can’t use Mind Control on Hunter pets or shape-shifted Druids. I couldn’t use it the first time I tried, or the second, or the third, so I should probably quit and move on, right?
  • The 10-minute battle netted me 236 honor and 3 Warsong Gulch Marks of Honor.