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A Very Happy Holiday!!

From me to you, for whatever it is you enjoy celebrating.



Hunting the ever-elusive Spider’s Silk

My name is Secretia. I am one of Sylvanas’s Forsaken. That much I know.

More importantly, I also know that I am a Death Knight, and that I had been recruited into the Lich King’s service. I have only of late regained my consciousness and control over my actions. Having shrugged off the foul Arthas’s domination, I am now also in control of my destiny.

Which, by the way, appears to be that of farming higher-level materials for a small stable of the Horde, residing on the Wyrmrest Accord server. That’s an “Arrrr-pee hotspot,” whatever THAT means.

The world is almost completely alien to me now, and I’ve heard in the capital cities that something they are calling “The Shattering” is to blame. All I know is that I woke this afternoon with a burning need to find some Spider’s Silk.

Why? I have found it best not to ask. I would have to assume, however, that m’lady Preshyus requires a new dress.  /eyeroll/

I have killed so many spiders in Stonetalon Mountains, and more in both the Arathi Highlands and in Hillsbrad. And, as happy as I was to see Southshore wiped off the map and that triumvirate of farmers (Ray, Getz, and Kalaba) fashioned into a patchwork beast, my heart remains heavy. I have found no Spider’s Silk. None. Not even that Thick kind that is virtually useless. None.

What has become of us?


Lore’ing it up

I posted a while back about story time, and how much I love it. I’ve put the Warcraft novels on my Amazon Wish List, and I’m really enjoying the quests and elemental invasions going on in Org and Thunder Bluff. I REALLY wish we could motivate some people to get psyched up and energized about defending our capital cities. Maybe some hot apple pie would do it?

*wanders off to bake*

Hallow’s End is upon us

So what are your plans?

Preaching to the Choir – why seasonal PvP achievements were a VERY bad idea

PvPers: I am sorry.

You all don’t want us there – we don’t want to be there. The reward for the meta-achievement is not useful in PvP, and it makes no sense why players pursuing a PvE- and / or RP-based set of titles and achievements should have to ruin the PvP experience for those of you who actually enjoy (shudder) it.

I have nothing more to offer on this than just to point to





and many others and say, “Yah! What they said.”

Half-Assed Update Post – Partially Off-Topic

Okay, so I’m slammed today. First day of classes for the EMU spring semester was yesterday, and I’m taking 6 hours in a 7-week semester so I’m pretty ‘up to my ears’ in work. Read 7 chapters of Stealing Some God’s Food, copy the definitions of some literary terms (what are we, 12? Okay, but I’m not going to color the correct spelling blue), and try to sort out the many different sources of information provided for my Technical Writing course. There’s the main EMU student page, and then the “text” website (which is actually a subscription to the online content, no printed matter), and finally a class Wiki that we are all supposed to be helping to create.

Wait, what? Yeah, I know – we’re totally learning how to create and maintain a Wiki in this class. Bonus! The markup language is kinda odd… it’s not CSS or HTML, but still has some flavor of each, I think. I mean, thus far. All I’ve done is manage to activate my page, upload a photo, and create one bulleted list. We’ll see. But I’m really excited about it, I totally dig this kinda thing. Don’t get too excited yet, Kes, but I just might be able to offer you a hand on the TNB Wiki soon!

Meanwhile, I need to do the other two articles in my WoW-related freelance gig, and then come up with a good news-release kind of article for yet another WoW-related freelance gig. >.> More on that second thing coming soon, I promise, but for now let’s just say I need to do a TON to get it to the point where I can start working it. Oh – I also need to learn how to be as good at WordPress as I am here with Blogger. My local library had a grand total of ZERO books on WP, so I plan to check out the libary at EMU next.

WoW stuff – I did get my “Noble” title, that was no big drain on the brain. “Matron,” however, appears to be beyond my grasp. I’m willing to bet that with a little luck and enough stabs at it, I could get the AV part of School of Hard Knocks. I’m also pretty sure, however, that there’s no way in hell all of the above work will pay me enough to be able to afford the quanity of Xanax I’d have to take to get the WSG part. It’s just not cost-effiective. And it’s not like I had the Violet Protagonist (oh yeah, he totally is) up to this point, anyway, so what’s one more missed title?

Speakin’a which, I was scrolling through some of the available achievements and you know which title I’d really like to have? “The Seeker”. I think it fits me and my playstyle rather well – much better than “Matron” ever would. Just like for D, his most defining achievment was getting the “Explorer” title. It looks like I’m only ~600-700 quests short of hitting the 3000 quest mark, too. All in all, I think my time would be much better spent in poor, neglected Desolace than it would be in any Battleground. Other than Wintergrasp, of course. I still ❤ Wintergrasp with big, pink, fluffy, sparkly hearts.

*Image curtesy of Zsuzsanna Kilián, located at

Malarea, the Noble

No, not NOBLE. More like, noble.

Probably the easiest set of holiday achievements, ever. Not that I’m really complaining, or anything, but – wow. No special boss = disappointing; none of the achievements necessary for Long Strange Trip based on RNG = relieving.

The best achievement, in my opinion, is Hard Boiled. Now THAT was actually fun! There were a variety of ways to accomplish this. Mal chose to hearth to Dalaran, port to Caverns of Time, and then hop across Tanaris and lower Un’Goro.

I managed to keep my bunny costume all the way there, and on the first try, too! Go, me.

In other news, Zohara jumped on the bandwagon and took one for the team. As one of the few female trolls on our new server, she made herself available to those looking for the Bunny-Maker achievement.

What? Why should Night Elves get all the best tips?