Their voices cry out to me at night

Pugnacious Priest had an awesome blog post this morning, concerning the idea of abandoned alts as “failed relationships.” I can totally get behind that. I personally have quite a few of these myself.

Aggrammar: This is the server where I began, because my daughter’s boyfriend was the one who got me into WoW, and this is where he played. That one explanation caused a total chain reaction in which I dragged several members of my favorite GameFAQs board to the game and server. This even includes some members who had already been playing WoW, and had fully developed stables of toons elsewhere. Regardless, we all came together in Aggrammar and we built a small friends-and-family guild. We had more alts than accounts, and we did a lot of leveling, dungeons and group quests. Yeah, this was back in Vanilla when there WERE group quests you couldn’t just solo with a pet class and a health pot.

Eventually, however, the queues became intolerable and we made the collective decision to move to Nesingwary with free transfers for all. I left behind one lonely toon, a level 12 Orc Shaman, who is the GM of our old guild: Beyond Good and Evil.

During that same period, some of us choose to see how the other half lived and created Alliance toons on the Dalaran server. Why Dalaran? Because one of the longest-playing members already had a pretty full stable there, and resources like bags and gold are nice for the beginning toons.  A few stayed, and still maintain a guild there. I’ve got a few toons still there myself, including the highest level Shaman I’ve thus far managed to grow: she’s 31, and a Draenei.

Then, there was the WoWInsider guild on Zangarmarsh, for events and such. This was back when I still harbored some hope that I’d eventually write for them, so I created a couple of toons there. Lachenrohl is a little Belf ‘Lock and Mahmi is an Orc something or other, I disremember exactly. She was only made for the purpose of a Mother’s Day event.

D and I became curious about RP servers, and if the communities there would be more like those of LotRO. We made a few toons on Wyrmrest, mainly Horde, and I have to say I really loved my little Troll Druid, Zazarah. That’s also where I leveled a new Undead ‘Lock, Preshyus, so I could experience the new leveling zones in Cataclysm. Silverpine was EPIC, y’all. That’s also where I made my first Worgen, but oh did I struggle with that one. I had to RP her as a Horde spy, because I was far too emotionally invested in Lady Sylvannas after dragging Preshyus through the opposite side of that storyline.

Finally, I’ve lately washed back up on the Alliance server of a long-time friend and WoW player. Regrettably, she’s no longer there. I rolled here to play with D, who rolled here to play with another friend, and I just transferred and faction-changed my Pally so I’d have an 80+ available for the guild events. The guild here is just amazing, full of fun and social people who truly enjoy one another’s company and refuse to be assholes. That in itself is quite astonishing. My only bitch here so far is that no one in this guild gets my toon names, even though they are all amazing and creative and brilliant.

So, where do you have abandoned alts from relationships and experiments that just didn’t work out?


Halls of Origination

I haven’t been playing much WoW lately–okay, scratch that. I haven’t been playing WoW at ALL lately. Instead, what little gaming time I’ve had has been committed to either console games or Rift: Planes of Telara. I’m having a blast at both, by the way.

Anyway, we’re talking about WoW, right? Yeah. I DID have a chance to dungeon the other day, and this is what resulted:

I totally LOVE the Egyptian-themed lore and design of this dungeon. In fact, in all of Uldum! Have you had any trouble with these bosses? How did you handle it?

Warlock Pet Changes in Patch 4.0 – the Succubus

So sorry for the couple of months it’s been since I worked on this series for y’all. I’ve been just a tad busy, what with the holidays, and buying a house and all. Yeah, I know, whatever, get on with the Warlockery, right? You got it.

Even though we get the Imp and Void earlier now, the Succubus still doesn’t become available for control until we reach our 20th season. That’s cool, because about the only thing she’s good for in PvE nowadays is her Seduce ability. That comes standard with your demon wench.

"Do these hooves make me look fat?"

The first thing you want to do with your new demon is to turn her Lesser Invisibility off of auto-cast. She’s only going to need this if you’re PvPing, and then only if you like to park a minion on the flag and prepare to Seduce attackers from afar. She’s also a mouthy little thing, so you might want to go into your Sound options and turn off pet noises.

Depending upon how you’re specced, she may be the best dps pet for your level. If you’re running dungeons, and the Imp’s Stamina buff isn’t needed, you might as well pull her out for some extra mob-lashing. At level 25 you can Glyph your Fear ability, making it useful in dungeons, and then you probably won’t need the CC ability your Succubus can provide.

All in all, there’s not a whole lot of new stuff with Miss Thang, although she is still pretty fun to watch. There are some Demonology talents a little further down the pike that will make her much better but for now, she’s just your CC from levels 20-24.

If you panic, the terrorists win

I think sometimes they do this just to watch us all gather the pitchforks.

From the updated PTR Patch 4.0.6 notes:

Fel Armor has been redesigned. It now surrounds the caster with fel energy, increasing spell power and causing the warlock to be healed for 3% of any single-target spell damage he or she deals.

Now THAT is a change I can get behind. Doesn’t have to be a passive regen, I’ll take 3% of my single-target damage. That should be plenty to cover my ‘tapping. Let’s just hope that this is the version that makes into live.

In where I single-handedly solve the queue issue

Do you play a class capable of tanking and / or healing, and refuse to tank and / or heal?

Go respec.

Do you refuse to tank and or heal because you don’t think you’re good enough?

Go respec, then practice.

Do you complain about the queue times EVEN THOUGH you play a class capable of tanking and / or healing, and refuse to tank and / or heal and are therefore deliberately being part of the problem?

Go uninstall.

Do you refuse to tank and or heal because you lack thumbs?

Okay, you get a pass, but you might want to think about re-rolling. Hunters are fun.

Have you ever rolled “Need” on a tank or healer item, against the tank or healer?

Seriously, uninstall. Then rip off your own arm and use it to smash your computer into tiny pieces.

Do you drop group if you wipe (or even personally die) once on the first boss? On trash?

Get over yourself, you’re not magically “better” than anyone else. In fact, chances are that the asshole who caused that wipe was you.

Okay, who’s left? Approximately three dps for every tank and healer combo? Awesome. Let’s queue up.

Patch 4.0.6 Notes: Yay! I mean, crap.

I’d heard some muttering about the upcoming patch notes, and I decided to check into it for myself. The first couple of things I noticed cheered me right up: things like how I can now queue for BRC so I can run it with the Hub (who has yet to step into his first Cata dungeon) and Altairus’s wind-change thingy being easier to see (I’d been relying only on the buff, and just running blindly ’til it said, “Upwind”). And then. Oh, and then.

Fel Armor now increases the warlock’s maximum mana by 10% instead of regenerating health.

What? OMG, WHAT?? Okay, so I LifeTap myself between fights, and then I have to what, sit and eat? Why freakin’ tap at all, then? Why not sit and drink like a Priest, or a Godforsaken MAGE? Oh, wait, Mages don’t have to drink, they can Evocate. And they can glyph Evocate to replenish BOTH health and mana. WHAT???

This shall not stand.

Okay, what else? While I’m already devastated, bring it on.

Okay, if you insist. Felstorm (Felguard) damage has been reduced by 20%.

GAH! I don’t often run in Demo, but I’ve been using it for the Tol Barad dailies since it’s so easy to get spawn-slammed in there. That really sucks. But I’m strong, I can take it, I can–

Burning Embers damage has been reduced by 15%.

What is this, piss on your favorite Warlock day? What the hell, man, surely you aren’t–

Improved Soul Fire now increases Fire and Shadow damage done by 4/8%, rather than 7/15% spell haste. In addition, this talent has been moved to tier-3 Destruction, switching places with Aftermath.

So basically, I no longer have a desire to cast Soul Fire. No more increased haste buff from it, and I’m willing to bet that the dps I lose from having to wind one of these suckers up isn’t worth the dps I gain from that piddly 4-8% increase. PLUS I can’t use it in Demo anymore. Oh you guys. Seriously.

Find Herbs, Fish, and Minerals are no longer canceled upon entering an Arena or rated Battleground.

Well, thank the gods for that, huh? Whew, I was starting to think that NOTHING positive would be coming out of this patch. Other than the opportunity to get into a regular dungeon I’ve already DONE like 5 times.

Can you see me glowing with shadow and fel rage? I’m gonna unleash this, y’all. I’m gonna let ‘er rip. Here it comes.


A year in photos. Well, screenshots, anyway.

The year 2010 brought quite a few changes, both to the World of Warcraft and also to my RL. I lost my very dear father-in-law last February to a heart attack. My daughter, who I have been missing for years, finally moved here to Michigan and is rooming with her cousin and going to college. We sold a house, and bought a house, and in just a few more days, we’ll be living in that new house.

Over in Azeroth, we said goodbye to some friends


and hello to some new ones.

We achieved tons of stuff

and watched achievements drive some of our friends NUTS.

Some of our friends got lost

some were victims of Corpse Explosion

and some just took a little time off

But at the end of the day, there’s always me and D.

And I have a feeling that there always will be.